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Posted Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 1:47:00 PM
Posted Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 1:45:37 PM
Parents Council is teaming up with Fairway. Every time you shop, please swipe this card or give the Ramaz code and Fairway will donate 3% or more of your purchase to Parents Council. Please click picture for more. Card can be used at ALL FAIRWAY LOCATIONS and when you shop INSTACART.
Posted Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 1:45:12 PM
Please join Ramaz and CKJ for a Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Program with Holocaust Survivor Tova Friedman on Wednesday, Aprll 11, @ 7:30PM at The Ramaz Upper School....
Posted Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 1:44:34 PM
Save the date: Middle School students and parents Shlissel Challah Making* Thursday, April 12 Details to follow.
Posted Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 1:43:40 PM
CHALLAH SEGULLAH Next gathering Thursday, April 12, at 8 PM. If you would like to participate please RSVP to Please click picture for more.
Posted Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 12:47:51 PM
The Shabbat before Pesach is called Shabbat HaGadol. This means the Great Shabbat. Why do we call it the Shabbat HaGadol? While there is no clear reason why this Shabbat is given this special title, there are a few interesting explanations.
Posted Friday, Mar 16, 2018 12:11:00 PM
Please save the date for the Parents Council Yom Ha'Atzmaut Block Party on Thursday, April 19. Click for details
Posted Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018 6:43:00 PM
"Toses" is a Hebrew literary magazine written by Ramaz students, about Ramaz students and about Israel. To view, please click..
Posted Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018 6:33:00 PM
Yesterday, our US and MS students took 17 minutes to respectfully memorialize the 17 students and faculty members who lost their lives last month in the Parkland school shooting. Students rallied together in support of school safety, emphasizing their belief in schools existing as safe havens for their students...
Posted Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018 6:07:00 PM
Every day the Kindergarten children count how many days they have been in school! While doing this, they learn to count by 5's and 10's and their goal is to count to 100. Last week, that goal was met. With great excitement, the Kindergarten celebrated reaching 100 days of school. Every class had a "100-day museum" which displayed 100 items in many different ways....
Posted Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018 5:48:00 PM
Brooklyn was bustling with freshmen as students took advantage of some of the many sights to see. Students had a great time baking matzah at Ateres Shlomo under the guidance of Rav Twerski. They started by learning some of the intricate laws of the process of the matzah baking experience - from the time the water and flour were mixed until the matzot came out of the ovens...
Posted Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018 5:38:00 PM
Students in the sixth grade were treated to the first of four workshops focusing on opera. The workshop is presented by the Manhattan School of Music as part of the Spiro Vorchheimer Strike a Chord Music Enrichment Program, endowed by the Spiro family in honor of the Vorchheimer grandchildren...
Posted Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 12:22:00 PM
The students of Ms. Barak's Honors Israeli Culture course attended a screening of the new Israeli movie, "Foxtrot", at the JCC as part of the course's lesson plan. Throughout this year, the Honors Israeli Culture course has explored many aspects of Israeli culture, such as art, music, poetry, literature, and film...
Posted Monday, Mar 12, 2018 4:50:00 PM
Congratulations to the 7th graders for demonstrating their knowledge and creativity during last week's Science Fair! To view photos, please click...
Posted Monday, Mar 12, 2018 4:49:00 PM
Three Middle School students have submitted their 2500 word carefully researched and annotated historical papers to be judged against peers throughout the city at New York City History Day, an educational project held at the Museum of the City of New York in affiliation with National History Day. Students were also elated to hear from keynote speaker, Hamilton star, Anthony Lee Medina...
Posted Monday, Mar 12, 2018 4:31:00 PM
"You have eight daisies and three vases: one big, one medium and one small." This is the scenario first graders were given in math last week. "The big vase has to hold the most flowers and the small one, the fewest." Working with a partner, the children used connecting cubes to model the problem, explore all the combinations that were possible, and record their ideas...
Posted Monday, Mar 12, 2018 4:00:00 PM
A delegation of seventeen juniors and seniors represented Ramaz at the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington. Additional students from the Upper school attended the conference with their parents and local synagogues. Students participated in a wide array of educational and policy sessions, gained from hearing a broad range of pro-Israel views and perspectives voiced by American and Israeli politicians, and were inspired by the work of many American and Israeli citizens...
Posted Monday, Mar 12, 2018 3:27:00 PM
To support the history curriculum in the 6th grade, the students went on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Students focused on Renaissance Art and some students also had time to explore the museum's wing of Medieval armor. The wonderful guides explained to students how the art displayed culture from the time period and how Europeans lived during the Renaissance...
Posted Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018 9:17:00 PM
Twenty years ago, a student initiated what has become a longstanding tradition at Ramaz: reading Megillat Esther on Purim night at Lenox Hill Hospital for patients, doctors, and nurses who are on-call and visiting families. This year, the conference room, our makeshift shul, was filled to capacity and including the time for graggers to spin, our students finished reading by 7:45, hastily ate a bagel, and off to the floors they went, patients' room numbers in hand..
Posted Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 5:22:00 PM
Mazal Tov to the Girls Varsity Volleyball team on winning the league championship
Posted Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 5:19:00 PM
Breakthrough is the Ramaz science and technology publication. Students contribute articles on science related issues that reflect their particular interests, opinions, and hobbies. Students are invited to contribute articles on current events in science, new developments in applied technology, as well as ethical issues that they may raise. The latest edition of "Breakthrough" is now available to view. Please click...
Posted Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 3:48:00 PM
​Dads, please come together for Parents in Action's 9th Annual Fathers Forum hosted by Chris Theodoros. This year, the panel of experts in education, sports, performing arts, and emotional health will offer their insights and recommendations on how best to support your children through the uncertainties, the challenges and the achievements they will face on their paths toward success. To register, please click...
Posted Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 3:26:00 PM
Ms. Barak's Honors Modern Israel class was honored to meet Noa Raviv, an Israeli designer and artist, who is emerging as one of Israel's innovative thinkers in the fashion world. Raviv, almost nine months pregnant, sat down with the class and started her presentation by asking the students to close their eyes and imagine their favorite outfit and how they feel when they are wearing those clothes. Then she asked them to imagine everyone else was wearing the same thing...
Posted Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 2:30:00 PM
New RamazWear now available. Please visit our new site and show your RAM pride!
Posted Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 1:00:00 PM
Thank you Sharon Bilar for sharing your knowledge on Estate Planning and helping families prepare for the future while reducing stress and saving money. The important evening was informative and chock-full of useful information. Thank you also to chair Yonina Gomberg
Posted Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 10:43:00 AM
Thirteen students, Ms. Benel, and Rabbi Albo spent part of their Presidents' week vacation answering the call of Hineni. They departed from JFK Airport for San Juan, Puerto Rico, for a Chesed-Service Mission to help clean up and meet people affected by last September's Hurricane Maria. They worked with a group of teenagers from the group PR4PR ...
Posted Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 10:35:00 AM
In the wake of the brutal attack in Parkland, Florida, our students -- like so many throughout the nation -- were in shock, at first not knowing what they could do. And yet, they were determined to respond, to reach out to the bereaved families and to the students who attend Stoneman Douglas High School who were witness to the murder of 17 classmates and teachers...
Posted Monday, Mar 5, 2018 5:13:00 PM
Congratulations to Evelyn L '20 for publishing "A Purim Play" in The Times of Israel on Vashti's side of the story. To check out Evelyn's play, please click...
Posted Monday, Mar 5, 2018 4:47:00 PM
In the Purim spirit, Pre-K classes prepared Mishloach Manot for the KJ Lunch and Learn group! Each class prepared an item and then worked together on assembling the packages. The experience was one of camaraderie and teamwork for the sake of fulfilling a mitzvah...
Posted Monday, Mar 5, 2018 4:38:00 PM
In preparation for Purim, Rabbi Weinstock visited each ECC class and showed the children the megillah scroll and discussed the similarities and differences between a Sefer Torah and a Megillah. A Sofer (scribe) writes both holy texts on parchment, using a bird's feather and ink, but the main difference, the students learned, is that a Megillah has only one scroll whereas a Sefer Torah has two...
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