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Posted Monday, Sep 17, 2018 6:06:40 PM
The Freshman Parent Social will take place this Saturday night, Motza'ei Shabbat, October 20, at 8:30PM, and is graciously hosted by Isaac and Ivette Dabah. Please RSVP to...
Posted Thursday, Sep 13, 2018 5:29:00 PM
During the month of Adar, an often quoted idea about Purim is that it is not only a day of fun, but if we break down the words Yom Kipurim, we can read it as Yom Ki...purim, translated as a day like Purim. In doing so, we add a certain amount of importance to the holiday of Purim. That being the case, we must assume the connection would work in the other direction as well. What can we learn about Yom Kippur from the holiday of Purim?
Posted Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 9:30:00 PM
After discussing the events of 9/11, the 5th graders read the book 14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy in their history classes. Students learned about the Maasai tribe and their commitment to helping the American people during their time of need! In addition to the 5th grade unit, all Middle School students have received a card where they will record which values they wish to commit to this year...
Posted Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 9:26:00 PM
In commemoration of 9/11, the Upper School was honored to welcome two special guest speakers who were at the site of the tragedy to share their personal stories. Transmitting this horrific event and its aftermath to a generation that never really knew of the Towers is difficult....
Posted Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 3:06:00 PM
New beginnings can be a bit frightening at first, often fraught with anticipation and fear of the unknown. However, here at the Ramaz Lower School, teachers and administrators channeled that energy into some amazing first few days of school! As soon as school started, Ms. Kessler and Mr. Silvestri introduced themselves to students and reviewed school rules through fun live action skits...
Posted Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 2:45:00 PM
It was wonderful to welcome your children back to school. All of our classes are getting to know one another and are learning the routines of the day. Last week, Rabbi Weinstock visited the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes with his Shofar in tow. He showed the children a few different kinds of Shofarot – large, small, shiny, and dull. Rabbi Weinstock explained where a Shofar comes from, which prompted many questions from the children.
Posted Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 2:00:00 PM
As is our tradition, we invited students to participate in service programs on September 4th and on the morning of September 5th as 9/11 Days of Service and Remembrance. We encouraged students to give time to these projects that heal and repair, as our way to honor the memory of the victims of the horrific attack on the Twin Towers, seventeen years ago....
Posted Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 1:47:00 PM
To kick off the school year, students jumped right into their first project in the Lower School Art Studio. Using their knowledge of the elements of art, students designed clothes pins which included a word that described something special about themselves. These small works of art will be added to a series of colorful disks to create beautiful circular pieces.
Posted Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018 1:44:00 PM
The Ramaz Lower School Library is in full swing! Lower School students have already begun to check out books, many from the brand new additions to our collection. Over the summer, we added over 120 exciting new fiction and nonfiction titles in both English and Hebrew. The Library is open from...
Posted Thursday, Sep 6, 2018 7:29:00 PM
List the mitzvot commanded to us by Hashem in the Torah pertaining to Rosh Hashanah: this was the task I gave to my 7th grade Gemara class! One would think that as auspicious a day as Rosh Hashanah is, it would certainly be filled with many mitzvot. However, this is not the case. The only mitzvah we have on Rosh Hashanah is the blowing of the Shofar. That being the case, it is important to figure out the special meaning behind this single mitzvah.
Posted Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018 6:35:00 PM
ALL RAMAZ PARENTS are invited to the PARENTS COUNCIL VOLUNTEER BREAKFAST Monday, September 17, at 8:15 am in The Ramaz Lower School. Please join us to learn about opportunities to meet fellow parents and to work together on Parents Council committees to benefit our children! A light breakfast will be served. For information and to RSVP please contact us at
Posted Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018 6:35:00 PM
Please join us at FAMILY FUN DAY on Sunday, September 16 from 1-4 pm. To register please go to
Posted Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018 5:36:00 PM
Please contribute Kosher food for a drive in partnership with City Harvest. Together we can assist Jewish New Yorkers in need who struggle to put food on their tables. The food will be distributed in time for Sukkot. Please click here for details. Donations can be dropped off in the Lower and Middle School lobbies.
Posted Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018 5:28:00 PM
Please donate school supplies by Friday, September, 14, to benefit Ohel Children's and Family Services. These supplies will be brought to the Ramaz Family Fun Day that is being held on Sunday, September 16, where, together with your children, you will be able to pack them into bags and design Yom Tov cards to send to all the recipients. These bags will then be distributed to families in need before Sukkot. There will be donation bins in the Lower and Middle School lobbies
Posted Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018 5:23:00 PM
Open Enrollment for Safety Patrol is underway through September 7. Choose a date that works for you.
Posted Thursday, Jun 14, 2018 10:19:02 PM
Korach is from shevet Levi. His birth is mentioned in the Torah. However in this parasha he starts a revolt against Moshe. He gets 250 people to confront Moshe and Aharon. These people were from Reuven and Levi. Korach says to Moshe that he is keeping Hashem to himself and that other people are also holy. Moshe and Korach go to the tent and both bring offerings. Then the earth swallows Korah, and fire consumes his 250 followers.
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 11:39:00 PM
Wishing the US Class of 2018 a warm Mazal Tov! Our school is so proud of you and everything you've accomplished HERE at Ramaz. May you go on to live meaningful lives filled with Torah, menschlichkeit, and a life-long love of learning!
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 11:36:00 PM
Why would thirty five graduating seniors meet at 7:30 in the morning, travel for 2½ hours to work at Hazon, a large farm and Jewish Retreat Center in Connecticut, dedicated to creating a more sustainable world for all? The answer is simple, that's our mission, and our newest alumni responded to the call for service, HINENI....
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 6:02:00 PM
Congratulations to our 8th graders on graduating from the Ramaz Middle School! Wishing them happiness, success, and a continued love of learning. Best of luck from your Ramaz family!
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 5:55:00 PM
The Ramaz 8th Grade celebrated the completion and distribution of the Middle School yearbook. The Parents Council committee, headed by Dr. Rachel Title, organized this beautiful event, including a pizza lunch, room decorations, and a slide show. The yearbook is a year-long project involving contributions from all 8th grade students, and directed by Ms. Miri Rubin as faculty advisor. This year's editors-in-chief were Jordan M. and Caleb R. (Grade 8).
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 5:49:00 PM
Last Friday the LS celebrated its last Oneg for the school year. Like all of the Onegs, it was very special. Much of it was devoted to honoring Rabbi Koslowe and Andrew Leibowitz for all they have done at Ramaz to inspire our students to be menschen and to love learning and doing mitzvot and acts of chesed...
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 5:36:00 PM
Parallax, the literary and art magazine of Ramaz, was distributed at Celebration of the Arts last week. This year's theme was A Moveable Feast, and the book was a feast of color that looked good enough to eat. Last year's book won both the Gold Medal and the Silver Crown from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association this spring... We are hoping for similar accolades for this year's book.
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 5:14:00 PM
Many of the ongoing units of study that the children have been working on, came to fruition in a beautiful way. The children took the skills they learned all year and applied them. They worked collaboratively and through experimentation, trial and error, and discovery, built something wonderful...
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 4:53:00 PM
The 6th grade participated in a program with myFace, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with craniofacial conditions. The 6th graders read Wonder earlier this year and attended the first screening of the movie, thanks to the Kahn family....
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 3:42:00 PM
Over the past few months, the third graders have become a close-knit writing community, immersing themselves in the world of poetry! The children have learned many different poetic devices, such as imagery, simile, metaphor, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and personification. They have read a multitude of poems from revered poets, such as Langston Hughes, Kristine O'Connell George, Valerie Worth, and many others...
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 3:22:00 PM
In connection with their study of Parashat Sh'lach, Morah Galit's Grade 6 Chumash students learned how to knot and make their own tzitzit! Two of the mitzvot that they learned about in the parasha were Tzitzit and Hafrashat Challah. They will being baking challah and doing the latter mitzvah tomorrow, too. Students remarked it was fun learning how to do a mitzvah that Jews around the world do every day. Tizku L'Mitzvot.
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 2:34:00 PM
This past May, seniors and faculty members took a journey that lasted 9 days but will resonate for a lifetime. Students landed in Poland where they visited numerous sites highlighting the diversity and richness of Jewish life before the war. Students felt the spirituality in the Nozyk, Lancut and Remah shuls, heard Divrei Torah in the Yeshivah of Chachmei Lublin, were inspired by the Ulma family and Bais Yaakov movement, and felt unified in prayer at the holy Kever of Rav Elimelech of Lezhensk...
Posted Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 1:58:00 PM
In grade 5 advisory, current grade 5 students were provided templates to use in writing and decorating "Welcome to the Middle School" cards for the rising grade 5, soon to become, fellow middle schoolers. They were asked to include their favorite things about Middle School and some practical tips for a successful grade 5 experience. They decorated the cards with colored markers and added some personal information (e.g. a book they recently enjoyed, hobbies).
Posted Wednesday, Jun 6, 2018 5:08:00 PM
Every year it is Ramaz's distinct honor to confer upon one student, nominated by fellow students and faculty, the William Goldberg Award. It is gratifying to know that since sending requests for nominations a few weeks ago, the US received over two dozen names of students, accompanied by the most moving and inspiring descriptions of fine character. Each and every one of these nominations were thoughtful and beautifully written acclamations of integrity, honesty, generosity and humility...
Posted Wednesday, Jun 6, 2018 3:27:00 PM
The LS wrapped up an incredible year in the Art Studio! 1st Graders completed their detailed, paper mache community workers, as part of their grade's study of our local community. Grade 2 finished their intricately designed paper mache buildings as part of their grade's study of New York City. In celebration of their study of Japan, 3rd Graders learned the art of kirigami. The 4th Graders had a great time creating their own unique optical illusions. We wish everyone a wonderful summer!
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