Submitting Applications and Other Materials

Unfortunately, there are horror stories about college applications that were sent but never received. Therefore, we strongly advise you to take these precautions:

  1. Follow the online instructions!
  2. Be aware that you must submit all components of the application form. Some Common App schools include their supplemental questions in the "Questions" section under the "My Colleges" tab. Other schools have a separate "Writing Supplement" section. If the college you're applying to has both these sections, BOTH must be submitted in order for your application to be complete. Additionally, some colleges require you to self-report your high school grades in order to complete your application.
  3. If the program allows, print a copy of any applications completed by computer. Save any online confirmations or emailed receipts you receive from colleges.
  4. Keep track of passwords for portal access to view your application status.
  5. The student must submit required standardized test scores to colleges via the College Board or ACT website, or self-report according to colleges' websites.
  6. The College Office submits transcripts and recommendations online through Scoir.
  7. If something appears to be missing, or even if you receive a notice from the college stating that something is missing, investigate further, inform your adviser, but do not panic. Colleges may take weeks to update their records. By submitting your supporting credentials online, the College Office can confirm receipt of these documents and can put your mind at ease.

Who Submits What

A complete college application consists of a variety of documents, sent from different sources. Please see the table below for a brief description of the documents and who is responsible for submitting them to offices of admission.

Item name Description Source
  • In many cases this is the Common or Coalition Application alone or the Common/Coalition Application plus the college’s individual Supplement.
  • Schools that do not subscribe to the Common or Coalition Applications have their own individual versions of an application.
  • The application includes essays and extracurricular activities.
The student submits each application online to the college’s office of admission.
Standardized Test Scores
  • Official SAT or ACT scores.
The student arranges for his or her official test scores to be sent directly from the testing agency website. Writing scores on an application is not always sufficient, nor is asking the College Office to submit them.
Transcript The student’s official transcript of high school courses and grades. The College Office submits the transcript either online using Scoir or by email.
School Report Form / Counselor Recommendation
  • Most colleges require a School Report (SR) form as a cover sheet for the written recommendation.
  • Additionally, most colleges require an official school recommendation letter.
  • This also includes a document called the School Profile, which describes Ramaz.
The College Office submits the School Profile, SR, and written recommendation online using Scoir or by email.
Teacher Evaluation Form / Teacher Recommendation
  • Many colleges require one or two Teacher Evaluations.
  • This evaluation contains an online cover form and a written recommendation.
  • The student must ask the teacher(s) in person to write a recommendation directly to the college(s).
  • The teacher(s) upload(s) the recommendation to Scoir, and the College Office submits it electronically.
  • Alternatively, a teacher might submit it by mail.
Supplemental Materials
  • Students may wish to submit additional materials to display their accomplishments that are not addressed in the above documents.
  • These might include an artistic or musical portfolio, additional writing samples, a recommendation from another source (discuss with the college adviser if this is necessary or advisable), a transcript from a summer program, or other miscellany.
  • Please contact your adviser before submitting optional supplemental materials. Sometimes less is more!
  • These credentials are optional, except when portfolios are required for application to specific programs.
  • The student submits these credentials directly to the offices of admission in the format each college requests.
  • Supplemental recommendations should be submitted by the recommender.
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