The sites listed below represent some of those we believe are most pertinent to Ramaz students and parents. The sites are grouped by category; some sites may be listed in multiple categories.

General Resources
The website for Hillel contains information about Jewish student life on campuses across this country and Canada.
Chabad services often supplement university and Hillel programming.
OU-JLIC educators strive to enhance the learning opportunities available to students, and also to bolster an infrastructure for Orthodox life to flourish.
Information on summer programs

For the Beginner

The following sites offer a good start for early college planning and research. They are mostly search engines or sites that offer a primer on looking for colleges.
College and career planning, elementary
This is the revamped search engine from the College Board (the people who brought you the SAT).
College and financial aid search engines, also some test preparation help
This site also contains some thoughtful essays by professional college counselors.
Has an excellent reputation among college advisers
This is a forum for discussion of relevant topics, with plenty of opinion.
There is a good search engine for colleges plus maps and directions.
Provides webtours and news articles
Very general, but chatty

More Advanced Searches

The sites in this category are more specific than the ones above, usually focusing on some special interest:
Looking for a school where SAT tests are optional? This site will provide that information and a lot more.
This is the Colleges that Change Lives site – very special schools.
Specializes in business schools, both undergraduate and graduate
Specializes in sports management programs
Specializes in nursing programs If you are interested in attending an engineering school, these sites will give you information about programs and careers.
Thinking of college in Canada? This is a search engine for study north of the border. These sites provide search engines for programs in Britain and world-wide, respectively. The latter site allows the user to search by subject or program area, country or city.
A site publishing graduation rates for colleges and universities, compiled by the Education Trust, a highly respected organization; worth investigating.
A business magazine's approach to choosing a college – what is the best value? The site analyzes public colleges in a very thorough way, but there are no real surprises here.

Religious Life
Among other things, this site provides links to Hillel chapters on campus.
Chabad serves over 150 college campuses.
JLIC works under the auspices of the O-U and places a rabbi on each of many college campuses to support Orthodox life.
H2H is a grassroots movement that provides lots of information about observant Jewish life on campuses, including kosher dining and Shabbat.

Admission Testing Resources
This is the ACT (American College Testing program) site with information about registering for and planning for the ACT exam.
American College Testing program
This is the site for SAT and subject test registration.
Fair Test is an excellent site, providing a list of schools for which submission of standardized test scores is optional.

Financial Aid Resources This site is excellent and has it all: the basics on financial aid, links to FAFSA and other scholarship forms like the Profile Form, and other information.
The federal government now requires colleges to post somewhere on their website a "calculator" to help families estimate what they will be expected to contribute to the cost of college, the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). This site has links to similar calculators that will help you get a general idea of college costs.
Use the FAFSA on-line at this site.
Financial aid profile.
This is the PLUS Loan Resource Center site.
Links to the NYS Higher Education Services Corporation for more information on the TAP awards and other NYS grants, including the Excelsior Scholarship
An FFELP loan guarantor; there is a calculator to determine eligibility on this site.
Commercial search engine for scholarship programs.
Federal Family Education Loan Program site; has mostly financial aid information but seems a cut above the rest.
State 529 plans for saving for college
A commercial lender's site
Another search engine for scholarships; links to applications here as well.

Colleges in the News
This site offers a free newsletter with the latest college news. Informative, but rarely strikes close to home.
Has links to college newspapers, an invaluable source of information.

A well-done site by the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana contains links to many different ranking organizations.

Help With the Application Process

For help through the actual application process, try the following links:
The Common Application is available on this site.
The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success is a newer organization that includes many top colleges. The Coalition offers a new application option, but no colleges give preference to the Common App or Coalition App.

Resources For Students With Disabilities
The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition seeks to increase the capacity of national, state and local agencies and organizations to improve secondary education and transition results for youth with disabilities and their families.
This site provides links to summer programs for students with disabilities.


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