New in June 2020, the SAT allows Sunday testers to register online!

Please obtain a copy of the clergy letter for Sunday testing from the College Guidance Office.

To register online, create an account and register here; select the Saturday test date closest to the Sunday you want. (See the tips below that correspond to sections on the online registration.)
Next, contact College Board's customer service at 866-630-9305 to request Sunday testing—they will give you instructions about how to submit your clergy letter to authorize Sunday testing.
More information is at (You may still register by paper if you choose.)

After you have registered as a Sunday tester once for any SAT test (other than the PSAT), you will be able to register online for future tests through your College Board account.

To register by paper, obtain a paper registration form from the College Guidance Office. Most of the items on the registration form are self-explanatory, but some items are highlighted below:

  • Make sure you meet the registration deadlines!
  • Use blue or black ink. Do not use pencil. Print clearly in capital letters.
  • Fill in the letter/number bubbles; do not only write in the white boxes.
  • All the sections in red/pink are required.
  • In Box #2, the Ramaz high school code is 333900.
  • In Box #6, follow the photo instructions carefully.
  • In Box #7, please provide your expected high school graduation date.
  • Skip Box #8 (your school ID#).
  • Box #9 requires your physical mailing address.
  • We strongly recommend filling out Box #10 to receive your Admission Ticket by email.
  • Box #11 may be answered as you see fit. If you are ok receiving messages, surveys, and promotions from the College Board via text message, fill in your cell phone number; otherwise, leave it blank.
  • Box #12 may be answered as you see fit. If you are eager to receive a lot of mail from colleges (and we mean a lot of mail!), then answer in the affirmative.
  • Box #13 and all its subsections should be left completely blank. Information that you enter here is used by the Student Search Service, but may also be accessed by colleges.
  • On the inside pages of the form, you must complete and sign Box #14.
  • In Box #15 & #16, indicate which month you plan to take the test and which test you plan to take.
    • You may only choose one date per form.
    • Few colleges require the Essay section, but some do. In order to keep your options open, we recommend that you take the SAT with Essay at least once, unless you are positive that no colleges where you might apply will require or recommend submitting the Essay score.
  • In Box #20, if you wish to take the test at Ramaz, fill in 33674 in the space for First Choice. Please note that our directions differ from the instructions given in the registration booklet. If you wish to take the test at a center closer to your home than Ramaz, fill in 01000 in the space for First Choice. If you are assigned to a test center you do not want, call the College Board at 866-756-7346 to ask for a switch. You should not be charged a fee if you are switching to Ramaz.
  • Unless you are a senior, you should leave Box #21 blank.
  • Seniors: in subsection #21a, you may select up to four colleges to receive all your SAT scores at no extra charge. This will submit your scores for this registration and any former SAT Reasoning Tests and Subject Tests you have taken. If you choose this method of score submission, you will not be able to preview scores before they are submitted to colleges.
    • In subsections #21b and 21c, you may select additional colleges to receive your scores for $12.00 each.
  • In Box #25, add up the fees from Boxes #18, 19 & 21c.
  • If you are paying by credit card, complete Box #23.
  • Remember to include the clergy letter (which may be obtained in the College Guidance Office).
  • On the front of the envelope, fill in the oval for the month you plan to take the test.
  • Put the stamped envelope in the mail. You should receive your Admission Ticket by email by the week prior to the exam.

Revised April 2020

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