Special Interest

Asian Culture Club

Promote, inform and teach students about Asian culture, diversity, and to help bridge cultural misconceptions. Explore different aspects of Asian culture such as traditions, histories, and languages by possibly going to different neighborhoods, watching movies and discussing the differences. Students enjoy Asian music, movies, and cuisine.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Maggie Fung

Coding Club

This club allows mathematically inclined students and those interested in technology to utilize their talents outside of the classroom. Students learn the basics of how to build apps and websites.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Eli Vovsha

Business Investment Club (BIC)

Students learn how to try and spot the successes and failures of businesses before they happen and thereby can change the world. Students meet every week and hear presentations from different professionals in their field. On occasion, students will present on their own thoughts on investments and trends in the business world.

Faculty Advisor: Rabbi Dov Pianko

Engineering Club

Have you ever wanted to build something cool like a robotic arm, but never known how? Are you the kid who would love to build stuff in his/her spare time, but never had a community to rely on to help you? Look no further than Ramaz’s Engineering Club. No matter whether you want to learn about what a transistor is, want help in designing or documenting your project in CAD, or want to work on a project with your peers, the club can help you.

We can work with RFID, robots, LEDs, servos, DC motors, or any other relatively small projects/components. Engineering is becoming one of the largest fields in the 21st century. There are new groundbreaking inventions being created daily by innovators and visionaries. Maybe you have what it takes to build the next big thing—so come hone your skills here. No prior engineering experience is necessary.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Fabio Nironi

Feminist Club

Feminist Club welcomes all students who identify as feminists (or future feminists) to engage in dialogue regarding the range of theories, political and social movements and ideologies surrounding feminism. Students will explore the history of the feminist movement and explore how, and if, the movement has evolved to fit today’s multicultural world. Feminist Club looks to create a safe space to all students who hope to learn more about feminism and dialogue with their peers.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Sarah Quin

Physics Club

Exciting developments are happening all the time in physics, and there is often not enough time to discuss them in physics class. This club offers the opportunity to examine such contemporary developments, as well as other topics in physics that may not be covered in class. From quantum mechanics to string theory, from condensed matter to plasmas, we will use newspaper and magazine articles, as well as original research articles to study some of these topics. Students may, in addition, propose other areas of interest to them.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jay Klotz

Pre-Med Club

The Ramaz Pre-med club (raMEDz) meets to discuss current issues in medicine and related topics. Approximately once a month, a guest speaker is brought in to discuss his/her profession in the medical field and to answer questions of students who are contemplating pursuing a career in medicine. The club is open to all students interested in medicine.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Yael Sterental

Rampo-Politics and Foreign Policy Club

The Ramaz Politics and Foreign Policy Club is for budding young politicians and policy wonks. We explore different current issues with an emphasis on contemporary American politics. But we don’t stop there: we also juxtapose different countries’ foreign policy with how they relate to domestic issues. We also will explore different fields and how they affect and are shaped by politics. Political discussion and guest speakers with expertise in specific fields will help us understand the issues at hand better.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. David Deutsch

Sephardic Culture Club

This club is the place to be if you are a passionate member of the Sephardic community, if you are looking for some great food, live entertainment, or if you're Ashkenazi and want to learn about the many different and unique customs of Sephardim and Mizrachim. This party of a club meets once a month and is welcome to all!

Faculty Advisor: Rabbi Yosef Albo

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