Fine & Performing Arts

Art Club (Project-Oriented)

This club will allow students to pursue long-term projects to be assigned by the instructor. Projects will be intensive and the instructor will expect a firm commitment from all participants.

The purpose of this club is twofold: to provide an opportunity to develop a comprehensive portfolio and to serve as a prerequisite for students preparing for the senior honors studio art class. Furthermore, the club fosters an environment conducive to independent development of artistic goals. We plan to complete a minimum of six projects over the course of the academic year. Attendance is mandatory for the duration of each individual project.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Rachel Rabhan

Band / Rock Band

The Band is made up of students who have studied and who continue to study instruments privately. Auditions are held in the fall. The group plays at the Ramaz Annual Dinner, Chagigot, and on the float in the Salute to Israel Parade. Wind players needed!

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Oded Lev-Ari

Chamber Choir

Veteran singers in grades 10-12 have the option of auditioning for the Ramaz Chamber Choir. Members of the Chamber Choir also sing in the larger Upper School Choir. The Chamber Choir meets one additional evening a week, and has multiple performances throughout the school year. Auditions take place each spring for the upcoming year.

The Ramaz Chamber Choir is a small ensemble of strong, dedicated singers from within the school’s larger high school choir. Directed by Mr. Daniel Henkin, the Ramaz Chamber Choir performs Jewish and secular music, in a range of vocal styles, both accompanied and a cappella. They have participated in national high school choral competitions, appeared at Jewish a cappella festivals, and performed for communities throughout the Northeast. They performed this year on the CBS Sunday Morning News and are honored to have been selected to appear on a national Best of Jewish A Cappella compilation CD.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Daniel Henkin

High School Choir

The Upper School Choir is an exciting and dynamic vocal ensemble of over 50 students from grades 9-12.The Choir meets once a week after school, and on occasional Sundays before major performances.They sing a diverse repertoire of traditional and contemporary music, ranging from liturgical Renaissance music to contemporary American and Israeli songs.Performance highlights include the Ramaz Annual Dinner, community concerts up and down the Eastern Seaboard, and several recorded albums.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Daniel Henkin

Dance Team

The Ramaz Dance Ensemble learns various dance techniques including Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Israeli Folk Dance, Hip Hop, and others. Students also have opportunities to create their own dances. The ensemble performs at the annual Dinner Dance, at other school functions and around the city. Auditions are held at the beginning of the school year.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Ruth Goodman

Guitar Ensemble

If you play acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, you should consider trying out for the new and exciting club, “Guitar Ensemble.” While the challenges of “Ensemble” are demanding, they are equally enjoyable and promise to expand your playing and musical abilities. We strum student and instructor-driven compositions as well as guitar-specific repertoires. “Guitar Ensemble” is an after-school club on Tuesday.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Rami Yadid

Lighting Crew

Join the Lighting Club to learn the art and craft of lighting design for the theatre. Students will learn the elements of design including color mixing, sculpting form, and movement, as well as the technical elements of electricity, computer control, and drafting. We will also work on the design and running of the Ramaz plays and musicals. Join classmates for field trips to see shows and take backstage tours at Lincoln Center and Broadway theatres.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Sam Gordon

Music Production Club

Using today’s most advanced music production software, this after-school course will teach the fundamentals of working with ProTools software. Students will produce audio content from spoken word to fully produced music. The prerequisite is an interest in audio, computers, and music technology. Seats are limited.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Rami Yadid

Photography Club

In the history of art, photography as a medium is comparatively young. In the attempt to define the role of photography in the world of images, it is interesting to explore the attraction we have to the camera. This club allows individuals a chance to uncover the reasons for this fascination.

The club is open to all students who are interested in learning the art of black and white photography. Students work on individual projects and may ultimately create a comprehensive portfolio.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Kevin Goggin and Ms. Rachel Rabhan

Stage Crew

Stage Crew gives students experience creating scenery, organizing costumes, and working backstage for the school’s theatrical productions. We paint, draw, and build props and scenery. This work requires energy and enthusiasm, but all levels of creativity and ability are welcome (any previous experience is always appreciated). Stage Crew is a great creative outlet at the end of a hard day.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Barbara Abramson


Ramaz Theatre consists of a musical, a drama, and senior show. Catapulting the cast into a fantastical world, Ramaz Theatre allows its participants to explore various characters and settings. It is a unique experience mingling the upperclassmen and underclassmen together, melding the group into more than just a cast. While the productions are magnificent, the shows entail a certain amount of devotion, rehearsing approximately three times a week. The commitment, however, only lasts for about six weeks, still allowing students to pursue other interests.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jason Robinson

Natural Engineering/Woodworking Club

Woodworking is an introductory club course designed to introduce participants to general woodworking practices. Through various hands on projects, students will expand their knowledge and experience using planning, design, and building techniques. In other words, build an idea with wood. Towards this end, students will be expected to learn about and safely use various tools from hand and power tools to woodworking machinery. All will have the opportunity to work on solo projects or collaborative projects for the school.

Mr. Windsor Cousins is Faculty Adviser

Sculpting/Stone Carving

Students will learn how to sculpt and do precision stone carving using rocks and metal files to create art.

Ms. Rachel Rabhan is Faculty Adviser.

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