The Governing Organization (G.O.) of the Ramaz student body sponsors a number of committees whose responsibilities include programs and projects which touch the entire school community. Each committee is headed by one or more students, usually those who have been involved in the committee’s work for some time. All students may join a committee and may suggest ideas for projects which they themselves can then play a major role in implementing. While enrollment as a member usually takes place at the beginning of the year, one may join a committee at any time. Committee membership represents an opportunity to initiate or help with projects that affect the largest number of people in the school community.

AIPAC-Israel Advocacy Committee

AIPAC is one of the strongest and most powerful lobbies in Washington D.C. The AIPAC/Israel Advocacy Club provides a chance to discover how you can advocate for Israel on the national political scene. Students will learn the skills of lobbying with experts from organizations like AIPAC, confront all the most current issues in U.S./Israel relations, and actively participate in real lobbying sessions with members of the House of Representatives. You can make a difference.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Tammie Senders

Chesed Committee

On a number of occasions throughout the year, the committee plans and implements chesed projects that are designed to involve the entire school community in a particular cause. Committee members must research the project and design ways to inform, motivate, and involve as many people as possible. This process often involves communicating with outside agencies or individuals, enlisting the help of maintenance and kitchen staffs, ordering supplies, bookkeeping, and developing marketing skills. The committee presents a wonderful opportunity to bring together an entire community to achieve what a single individual cannot do alone.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. DeeDee Bene

Teen Scene / Friendship Circle Committee

In partnership with Friendship Circle, Ramaz invites developmentally challenged teenagers to our school on Thursdays, from 5-6PM. Our goal is for students socialize and interact with their new friends. At times, students will walk to Central Park, join our challah bakers/ sandwich makers, play board games, jam, or design craft projects. The goal is to socialize with our teenage peers, regardless of the activity.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. DeeDee Benel

Human Rights Committee

Human Rights Club is a coalition to raise awareness on Human Rights violations, both domestically and globally. We work to educate each other and our community on issues, as well as raise money, collect supplies and generate understanding for those in need of social justice.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. DeeDee Benel

Tzedakah Committee

The committee seeks to sensitize the Ramaz community to the value and practical day-to-day need to give and collect tzedakah. Each week, an organization or cause is chosen by the committee whose members then go around to classes to inform them about the organization and collect monies from the faculty and students on its behalf. Members also sell challah or holiday baked goods and flowers from Israel to raise extra funds for the weekly cause. The committee also organizes long-term projects to raise larger funds.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Dee Dee Benel

NY Common Pantry Committee

Every Thursday, after school, students who give their time NY Common Pantry pack 100 lunch bags in our school’s lunchroom. The bags are filled with sandwiches, fruit and snacks that are picked up on Friday mornings by a member of the NY Common Pantry.

Ms. DeeDee Benel is Faculty Adviser.

Challah Baking Committee

Every Thursday, right after school, students meet in the meat kitchen and prepare 75-100 freshly baked challot which are sold to raise money for the weekly tzedakah named on Friday morning. It’s an arduous task, and done to perfection.

Ms. DeeDee Benel is Faculty Adviser.

The Environmental Committee

The Environmental Club is open to all students who care about the environment and are interested in learning about current environmental issues and the means available for actively solving global, as well as local environmental problems.

Ms. DeeDee Benel is Faculty Adviser.

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