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IsraAID Brings Relevance to Sefer Yonah and Shows The Power Of Giving
Posted 12/11/2019 05:34PM

Juniors came together in their Navi classes, and with the support of their teachers, Rabbi Moshe Stavsky, Ms. Racheli Taubes, and Ms. Gabby Rahimzada, experienced a special program led by Mr. Seth Davis, Executive Director of IsraAID. IsraAID is an Israel-based international non-governmental organization. IsraAID's mission is to support people affected by humanitarian crisis, and they partner with local communities around the world to provide urgent aid, assist in recovery, and reduce the risk of future disasters. Teachers wanted their students to utilize lessons from Sefer Yonah, not only as an ancient Judaic text, but a text whose message is relevant today, and give them the opportunity to "actualize" the prophet's message. These ideas came together as students listened to Mr. Davis' riveting and impactful presentation. Click HERE to see some of the images shared with our students and to get a glimpse of the phenomenal work of IsraAID.

Later that day, juniors in their Hebrew classes -- with the support of Ms. Dana Barak, Ms. Anila Sole-Zier and Ms. Perach Haham -- met with Mr. Davis. The goal for the program was to show students that the power of giving, universally, by Israelis, can change the prejudice that exists toward "All" Israelis and Jewish people. IsraAID volunteers -- while wearing the blue and white Israeli flag -- and responds to countries in need. Volunteers always begin their assistance with the question, "What do you need?" Mr. Davis stressed that their motto is also: First Ones In, Last Ones Out. Hebrew teachers wanted students to appreciate that there is no border for Israelis when it comes to humanistic aid, all are looked at equally. Whether "friend" or "foe", political, religious, or cultural differences are never considered when there is a need for global emergency response.

Following the presentations, students, at the request of IsraAID, filled fifty bags with new art supplies for children in the Bahamas who recently were dislocated from their homes and families by hurricane Dorian. These craft bags will be used by IsraAID's art therapists, as ways to connect to the children, through a language of support and care.

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