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Business Investment Club Hears From Mr. David Icikson On Litigation Finance
Posted 12/11/2019 02:18PM

BIC had the opportunity to hear from Mr. David Icikson who works in litigation finance at Parabellum Capital. Mr. Icikson introduced students to the inner workings of Litigation Finance. The meeting was especially interesting because, as Mr. Icikson noted, "litigation finance is a fairly small field, containing only $9 billion of assets on management in the field." The presentation gave Ramaz students valuable insight into an up-and-coming industry within the financial sector -- litigation finance attracted our group because it wasn't directly linked to global markets, leaving a smaller chance of risk. Nevertheless, like any other leader in finance, Parabellum Capital and other litigation finance firms always invest cheap and try to take in high returns -- in their case by investing in litigation, not equity.

- Adam V.'21

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