Upper School News

Pre-Shavuot Learning with Students in Moldova
Posted 06/05/2019 03:22PM

The five students who visited Moldova over February break organized a video chat between a group of 10th graders (most of whom did not go on the trip!) and students in Moldova. The program's emphasis was on the two groups getting to know each other and doing some pre-Shavuot learning together. The topic of the learning was why Shavuot is known as Zman Torateinu and how the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai bound the Jewish nation together as "ish echad b'lev echad," one community working together. We then sang the song "Yachad" with musical accompaniment from Moldova and enjoyed some fun snacks.

We hope this is just the first of many more future opportunities to interact with our Moldovan friends and to raise awareness about this wonderful community.
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