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Upper School Reflects on Year; Student Awards Presented
Posted 06/05/2019 10:24AM

Tuesday, June 4, marked the Upper School's end-of-year grade assemblies, where each grade dean had the opportunity to reflect on the grade's goals and impart a message about their accomplishments. Some students were also personally recognized for their role in helping their grade to achieve its goals.

Dr. Terri Aharon, Freshman Grade Dean, told the freshmen to gain inspiration from the slogans of her favorite Boston sports teams. The Red Sox slogan "Do Damage" should motivate them to make their mark on Ramaz, implement change, and be proactive in the direction of programming, events, and clubs. The Patriots "Not Done Yet" speaks to everyday efforts to keep learning and growing as a person and as a Jew as they move on to sophomore year. Dr. Aharon said she was overwhelmed by the many responses she got from students and faculty when she asked about those students who had made an impact on those around them. She said that four students were repeatedly acknowledged for making a difference in the grade. Eric K. and Shira S. received the Sam Gyenes Memorial Award, awarded to the freshmen selected by their classmates as the individuals most concerned with the needs and sensitivities of his or her classmates. Sam K. and Joyce C. were presented with the The Gilda Silverman Memorial Award, awarded to the freshmen who, with energy and good humor, have demonstrated a commitment to learning as the language of their daily lives as selected by the faculty and administration.

Ms Miriam Krupka, Dean of Faculty and 10th Grade Dean, discussed how important the idea of chesed is to the story of Megilat Ruth and the holiday of Shavuot. While Shavuot is a holiday that commemorates the giving of the Torah, the megilah we read focuses on selfless acts of kindness towards others. She explained one of the main focuses of 10th grade is chesed in both individual chesed hours and communal chesed events. Elan A., Rebecca M., and David G. were each recognized for their commitment and contributions in the area of community service and chesed, including volunteering to read Megilat Esther on Purim in Lenox Hill Hospital, helping to coordinate the CKJ-Ramaz Yachad Shabbaton, and coordinating a student minyan for a doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, respectively.

Rabbi Eli Slomnicki, Dean of Students and 11th Grade Dean, spoke about balancing ones focus on school work, while still being able to contribute to both the school community and maintain integrity. Rabbi Slomnicki opened with the rabbinic dictum, "greater is the service, than learning," meaning one who serves the institution of learning gains from the institution. He then presented Elizabeth N-C. with the School Service award for her role in the service squad and always making herself available to lend a hand in school events. Rabbi Slomnicki then noted that while 11th grade can be very stressful, Eddie C. and Daniella F. stood out in their integrity and maintaining the Derekh HaYashar, the straight path, and were presented with the Dr. Irving and Dubby Shulman Derekh Hayashar Citizenship Award.

Each grade meeting concluded with best wishes on finals and a wonderfully refreshing and productive summer.

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