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Posted Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020 10:06:00 PM
Sixth grade students were treated to a special voice presentation as part of a unit learning about Opera and the human voice. This is one of three presentations by graduate students from the Manhattan School of Music, which were made possible in Ramaz thanks to the generous support of the Spiro/Vorcheimer family. Ms. Samantha Hahn, the singer who performed, just finished the run for the Off-Broadway Fiddler on the Roof this past year, and many of our students and faculty recognized her....
Posted Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020 3:58:00 PM
For the past four years the Link Up program at Carnegie Hall has featured the acclaimed Israeli recorder virtuoso, Ms. Tali Rubinstein. These highly participatory concerts take place in May, and our Ramaz 4th and 5th grade students prepare for these concerts each year - by learning a repertoire for the recorder and the voice. Thanks to the Martin & Susan Sanders Family Foundation for Classical Music Enrichment at Ramaz, we were able to bring Rubinstein to the Ramaz Middle School for an inspiring performance for our students, entitled "The Recorder and Me."...
Posted Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020 3:30:00 PM
To view photos... Middle School Sephardi Minyan hosted the parents for a communal Tefilat Shacharit followed by an award ceremony. Students led a beautiful tefilah where parents partook in various roles as well. At the end of the prayer, Mr. Mizrahi acknowledged certain leaders of the Sephardi Minyan who have been leading the service by example: Stanley C. (6), Vivian H. (7), and Elijah G. (8). The three have been a source of inspiration for how one should use an opportunity (the Sephardi Minyan) to grow spiritually in Torah, tefilah and good deeds...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020 8:11:00 PM
Mi shenichnas Adar marbim b'simchah! That is the motto in the Middle School this week as we welcome Adar with the much anticipated student vs faculty basketball game and pep rally. Students and faculty came to school wearing their Ramaz swag! The fifth and sixth graders competed in relay races, grade representatives shot half-court shots for prizes, the seventh and eighth graders played basketball against their teachers, and everyone enjoyed a festive chaggigah at half time thanks to our very own sixth grade DJ, DJ Eitan! It was a close game with students coming out on top! 69-60 For pictures...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020 4:05:00 PM
The 6th grade enjoyed an interdisciplinary science and computer literacy project this week. In science, students have been learning about different organisms' energy roles in food chains/pyramids as part of their science curriculum. In computer literacy, they have been learning how to block code using micro:bit, a small programmable pocket-sized computer. The 6th graders learned how to code the rock, paper, or scissors game on micro:bit. They created a code that instructed their micro:bit to choose rock, paper, or scissors when shaken. When shaken the micro:bit spells out one of the words (rock, paper, or scissors). This week, in a joint science and computer literacy lesson, students created a customized version of the game in pairs, listing names of organisms from a chosen food pyramid (instead of rock, paper, or scissors). Food pyramids display the feeding relationships between its organisms in a linear manner. That is, organisms at the top of a food pyramid eat the ones below them and so on. The 6th grade students played three rounds of the food chain game they designed and recorded their organisms and scores on a worksheet. The winner was the one that drew organisms from the highest level of their food pyramid.
Posted Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020 12:25:00 PM
The 5th grade had a guided tour of the Ancient Egypt hall at the MET in culmination of its Ancient Egypt unit in history class. Students saw original artifacts that were discussed in class, including a mummy, hieroglyphics, and a temple. The guides were impressed with the amount of knowledge our students were able to share in connection with the exhibits they saw!
Posted Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020 11:22:00 AM
Seventh grade students have teamed up with the Jewish Museum to learn about Edith Halpert, a trail-blazing art dealer. Students visited the museum to view the variety of art that Edith brought to the forefront, and they learned about her focus on giving a voice to artists from different backgrounds. Students gravitated towards the paintings that depicted different neighborhoods and environments...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 3:57:00 PM
The MS celebrated Tu B'Shevat, typically know as the birthday of the trees, with a new concept in mind this week! Middle school students and faculty focused on the holiday as one that teaches the importance of growth, and the entire school delved into the idea of accepting a "Growth Mindset." In this vein, parents were invited to join their children to pray Shacharit together on Monday morning...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 12:27:00 PM
Congratulations to our students for receiving AMC Math Awards! The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development of problem-solving skills. The AMC 8 provides an opportunity for middle school students to develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and mathematics that can assist in future careers. Students apply classroom skills to unique problem-solving challenges in a low-stress and friendly environment...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 12:09:00 PM
Did you know that pistachios grow in clusters just like grapes? Noah C. and his parents who own and operate Setton Farms in Terra Bella, California, educated and enlightened Noah's 5th grade public speaking class about this heart healthy snack! Students learned that pistachios grow well in a hot and dry climate but need a cool winter. That explains why pistachios don't grow in Israel...
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