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Posted Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 4:02:00 PM
K-Segol was inspired by our Torah stories to learn more about the human body! The children became intrigued by the medical profession and decided to "build" their own hospital. Curiosity and inquiry led the class to figure out more about both hospitals, doctors, and how to help people when they don't feel well. They interviewed doctors, read books, and shared their own experiences of going to the doctor or hospital. Students figured out how to build a CT scan, a waiting room – equipped with homemade magazines as well as otoscopes and stethoscopes (to name a few)...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 4:00:00 PM
ECC classes were very busy learning about Tu B'Shvat. The holiday provided a wonderful opportunity to expose the children to new foods. Children used their senses to look, smell, touch and taste different fruits. They also used their descriptive language skills to compare and contrast the different types of fruit...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 5, 2020 3:21:00 PM
K-Zahav is learning about different countries and cultures, and the children are enjoying celebrating all of the similarities and differences they are noticing. The students voted and decided that they'd like to learn more about Japan and Japanese customs. Students began their research by reading non-fiction about Japanese culture. They were fascinated by Japanese clothing, cuisine, games, and sports! Children also learned how to say "hello" and "good morning" in Japanese and even worked on writing Japanese characters...
Posted Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020 4:41:00 PM
Some of our kindergarten classes are studying the human body, while others are studying different cultures! Both of these studies allowed the children to pause and think about being kind, empathetic, inclusive, and to understand that although people can look or act differently, we are all the same inside and all need to be treated kindly...
Posted Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020 4:36:00 PM
Over the past few weeks, Nursery Adom has been learning about different artists like Van Gogh, Matisse, Calder, Pollack, and Mondrian. The children were inspired by these artists' techniques and unique styles to create their own masterpieces. After visiting The MET, the children decided to open their own museum featuring their artwork...
Posted Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020 4:01:00 PM
Congratulations ti our Lower School and Early Childhood Center children for winning the beginners' division of the Tri-State Chess Tournament!
Posted Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020 5:36:00 PM
Caution, road work ahead! The children of Pre-K Yarok are completely immersed in the world of transportation. They are spearheading different construction projects, from the train tracks running along their floor, to the life-sized school bus and custom road signs they have made. The Pre-K Yarok Express Train Station opened this week, as they invited the other Pre-K classes to explore what they have created. The visitors traveled in hand-made "train cars" to different stops around the room to partake in various activities, including an ice sensory bin, beaded necklaces, and decorating cookies. Pre-K Yarok enjoyed showing off their hard work, and the results were "wheely" inventive and impressive!
Posted Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020 3:58:00 PM
Nursery Varod and Nursery Adom students are studying artists! They learned about Jackson Pollack, Vincent Van Gogh, Matisse, Seurat, and Mondrian, to name a few. The children have been working both independently and collaboratively on replicating this type of artwork in their classrooms, with each child adding his or her own special touch! Both classes visited the MET and were able to see the artwork that they have been studying! Students couldn't help but say that it "was so exciting to see the "real" thing."
Posted Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020 3:49:00 PM
Yesterday morning, nursery parents were welcomed to a special breakfast where our exceptional nursery teachers modeled their lessons so parents could better understand the ECC's integrated nursery program. Studies show that our brains retain information better when connections are made between concepts across disciplines. As such, in nursery (and each year in the ECC) students' learning is theme-based, where the themes (oftentimes Jewish themes) will draw connections from literacy and language, science, math, art, and dramatic play....
Posted Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020 3:10:00 PM
Pre-K Tzahov children have been busy researching and transforming their classroom into a tropical rainforest! Students began their study by listing objects that are sure to be found in rainforests including trees, plants, waterfalls, animals, and treehouses! The children eagerly got to work - they examined the architecture of treehouses and drew blueprints for their rainforest's treehouse...
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