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Midat HaChodesh in the ECC! Preparing for A New Year With Hitchadshut
Posted 09/25/2019 10:40PM

This month's midah is Hitchadshut – renewal or new beginnings. This is perfect for the beginning of a new school year and a new Jewish year.

At the ECC Shabbat parties this past week, students focused on this midah, connected it to this time period and connected to it in a meaningful way. They took a moment to notice that everyone around them is either new to Ramaz or to the class so they practiced making new friends! This allowed them to practice our principle of joyful Judaism as well as the value of creating respectful and inclusive communities here at Ramaz.

In Nursery: The Morot acted out a scenario of trying something new. "It can be scary sometimes, but if we try, it could be great!"

In Pre-K and K: Students read Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall. This is the story of a boy who tries something new – diving off a diving board! It was scary at first, but he took a chance and tried, and loved it!

In Kindergarten, each class shared their hopes and dreams for the new year. Please ask your child what they wished for in the new year. We hope all our wishes will come true!


Rosh HaShanah excitement continued with apple exploration and experimentation and new fruit tasting and comparison.

Children also heard real shofar blasts and learned that the sound is a wake-up call to start the new year!

Our amazing music teachers Morah Amanda, Moreh Matt, and Moreh Ben also taught the ECC a great song about a shofar. Enjoy listening to Moreh Ben and Matt and some Pre-K children HERE. Don't forget to ask your children to sing it to you!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, productive, curious, mindful and wonderful new year!

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