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Lots of Fun on Lag Ba'Omer
Posted 05/29/2019 05:53PM

Children in the ECC had a fantastic Lag Ba'Omer celebration. The day started with Super Soccer Stars where the children played collaboratively and practiced their soccer skills. As Rabbi Akiva said, "V'ahvta L'raicha Komocha, ze clal gadol baTorah" (Love your neighbor as yourself. This is an essential principle of the Torah). The teachings of Rabbi Akiva reside in our classrooms and all that we do every day, and on Lag Ba'Omer we had an opportunity to reflect further on being kind to everyone.

While the Lower School students were out of the building on Lag Ba'omer, the ECC students had an opportunity to use all of the spaces. In order to help ease the transition into first grade, all of the Kindergarten children ate in the lunchroom. The children learned what you do when you are in the lunchroom and washed, lined up for hot food, and took the salad bar by themselves. They were respectful to one another and did a wonderful job!! They are ready for first grade.

The day ended with an ice cream party on the roof! There were delicious toppings and the children were able to make their own sundaes! All in all, the day was great fun!

For photos, please click HERE.

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