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Mummies and Masterpieces - Yoram Gal and Dale Chihuly
Posted 05/15/2019 11:37AM

The Kindergarten had their last visit with Morah Lauren from our Mummies and Masterpiece program for the year. Morah Lauren taught the students about an Israeli artist named Yoram Gal who uses watercolors to paint bright, colorful pictures. They enjoyed seeing his different and fun take on cities in Israel and portraits of people. The next artist she taught us about is an artist named Dale Chihuly who made a special installment of his work in Jerusalem in 2000. We learned that Chihuly's structures are so large that he uses a broom as a paint brush to create sketches of his work before he begins. Chihuly makes different shapes of blown glass and puts the pieces together to create his massive structures. A special project that Chihuly made for this exhibit included tons of ice shipped from Alaska that he colored and made into a wall, similar to the Kotel. The idea behind this was that as the ice melted away, so would the troubles for people of Israel.

For our project, we took big ice cubes and used water droppers with liquid water color. We watched how when you put the drop onto the ice, you begin to see the cracks in the ice and the different unique shapes in the way it froze. We watched as the paint traveled through the ice and turned it colorful. Next, we put salt on the ice, turned the lights off and used a flashlight to see the ice sparkle! It was so much fun and very pretty.

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