ECC/Lower School:

Mr. Jordan Silvestri
Dean of Lower School Students


Ms. Sandy Dweck

Student Activities Coordinator


Upper School:

Ms. DeeDee Benel
Educational Director of Student Programs


Ramaz is rooted in its commitment to menschlichkeit and helping those in need. Our students recognize the importance of emulating God through acts of loving-kindness. This past school year alone, we sent a truckload of supplies to hurricane victims in Houston, ran a toy drive for sick children, raised money for Israelis with learning disabilities, rebuilt storm-ravaged schools in Puerto Rico, and much more. The chesed we strive to promote in our students is rooted in a sense of responsibility to serve the Jewish people and all of humanity -- leading with kindness to improve the world!

Giving a helping hand, making a positive change, and bringing happiness and warmth to others is the driving force of the Ramaz student body. HINENI is hearing the question and always being ready with the answer: Here I am, I'm ready, SEND ME.

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