PC Initiatives

The Parents Council runs a number of ongoing fundraisers throughout the school year.

What Do Parents Council Funds Support?

Through its highly successful fundraising activities, Parents Council makes a valuable contribution to Ramaz. The revenue generated by Parents Council is used to fund activities and equipment that directly benefit the students and faculty and that could not otherwise be provided for in the budget.

Over the years, Parents Council has provided funding for the following projects:

  • Holiday educational and social programs
  • Rosh Chodesh chagigot
  • Trips on Chol HaMo'ed Sukkot
  • Theater and art programs for the ECC
  • Book Fair
  • Theater tickets
  • Gifts and entertainment in celebration of student advancement from the Lower and Middle Schools
  • Mezuzot for Upper School graduating seniors
  • Lower School playroof equipment
  • School renovations
  • Upgraded sound systems in the Middle and Upper Schools
  • Guest speakers
  • Social evenings for parents of fifth, ninth, and tenth grade students
  • Refurnishing of the Upper School faculty lounge
  • Acknowledgement of teachers on holidays
  • Publication of the Ramaz calendar
  • Computer language lab for the Upper School
  • Parent educational evenings
  • Chesed opportunities

Parents Council continues to team up with Fairway!

Every time you shop, please swipe THIS card or give the Ramaz code
and Fairway will donate 3% or more of your purchase to Parents Council.

Click HERE to download a copy of the card or scan bar code from this email when you shop.

Everyone has the same Ramaz number.

This is good at ALL FAIRWAY LOCATIONS and when you shop INSTACART.

Please click here to download flyer with details.

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