Alumni Association


From the moment our students graduate, they are connected to a network of over 5,500 alumni, which supports and encourages them through all stages of their lives. Whether they’re spending a “Gap Year” in Israel, looking for a job, celebrating a birth, or mourning a loss, the Ramaz family is always here.

Opportunities to Connect

  • Social, educational, and Shabbat programming
  • Professional networking events
  • College Campus and Israel directories
  • Shabbat Home Hospitality in Israel
  • Alumni Basketball League and Hockey Game

Opportunities to Reconnect

  • Reunions for classes celebrating 5, 10, 25 and 50 year milestones
  • Share professional experiences at our Alumni Career Showcase
  • Present at the Business Investment Club (BIC)
    or other Co-curricular Clubs
  • Participate in school-wide programs, such as Yom Hazikaron

I feel privileged to be part of the alumni community and appreciate Ramaz always being there for me and its alumni.

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