Ramaz Community Yom Iyun and Alumni Day of Giving 2020

Z’man Simchateinu - let us rejoice in the success of our alumni community coming together to raise over $50,000 in support of Ramaz.

Thank you to the incredible Ramaz faculty members who shared their day with us - for welcoming us into your homes, sharing words of wisdom, creativity, and creating a sense of spirit and community during Sukkot: Ms. Dana Barak, Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz, Dr. Jon Jucovy, Ms. Rachel Rabhan, Rabbi Yosef Albo, and Rabbi Yossie Weiser.

Thank you to Rabbi Haskel Lookstein ‘49 and Rabbi Joshua Lookstein ‘88 for ending our day with inspiring insights into the meaning of happiness, sharing your hopes for community and familial achdus, and for impressing upon us the need for continued support.

Thank you to the alumni, parents of alumni, and Ramaz community members who sponsored our programming. Thank you to those who renewed their commitment to Ramaz, to those who made gifts for the first time, and to those who allowed us to learn in honor or in memory of a loved one:

Anonymous, Roberta '65 and Alan Aronoff, Frederic Baumgarten '67, Rachel Bicky ‘09, Daniele '96 and Steven Bleier, Matthew Bryskin '92, Mindy '79 and Jay Cinnamon, Deborah and James Cleeman '60, Shelli Cohen '17, Sharyn and Richard Cohn '64, Lorraine '57 and Leonard Dauber, Craig Englander '95, Gabriel Fischer '18, Noah Fischer '17, Rosie '68 and Mark Friedman, Aryella and Judah Frommer '99, Mala and Sidney Glanz, Vivian Goodstein, Sara '98 and Laurence Hasson '98, Dana '90 and Matthew Hiltzik '90, Ilana '90 and Mitchell Kahn, Debra Kamerman '82, Leslie Spitalnick '99 and Joshua Kaplan, Jacqueline Bryk '09 and Jeff Karsh, Deborah Gillman '88 and Daniel Kass, Andrew Katz, Karin Charnoff-Katz and Joel Katz, Laura '02 and Daniel Kaufthal '98, Abby and Joshua Kaufthal '92, Joia '95 and Joshua Kazam, Seth Kenvin '87, Helena and Alexander Kisch, Judah Kishk '16, Jake Klaristenfeld, Amanda Cinnamon and Aaron Kohl '13, Yaffa Kornsgold, Jane and Yakov Kovler, Mara and James Lassner '82, The Lookstein Grandchildren, Audrey and Rabbi Haskel Lookstein '49, Jocelyn London '02 and David Adelsberg, Cara Kleiman and Cal Major '07, Maribel and Ranulfo Martinez, Caroline '90 and Morris Massel, Rebecca '06 and Benjy Mayer, Sarah '98 and Tzvika Nissel, DJ Presser '16, Yael Schulman '99 and Shlomi Peretz, Diane '87 and David Rein, Fern '75 and Marvin Resmovitz, Debbie and Kenneth Rochlin '86, Elianna Schwartz '17, Sheira and Steven Schacter '68, Alexandra '06 and David Seidenberg, Rebecca '95 and Eric Senderowicz, Abbe '86 and Michael Serphos, Nadine '99 and Joshua Shatzkes, Lauren and Ronnie Simhon, Linda '76 and Alan Sklar, Leah and William Steinberg '62, Naftali Stubin, Casey Talmas, Erica Tannenbaum and Ephraim Reinhard, Carla and Steven Tanz '85, Judith Tanz, Lexie '09 and Joseph Tuchman, Sandra Tuizer '82, Daniella Fuchs and Jeffrey Wechselblatt '89, Adena Rosenthal '81 and Scott Weinberg, Ariel '97 and Joshua Weiner '96, Shira '75 and David Weinstein, Rabbi Danielle Upbin-Weizman '92 and David Weizman, Jacob Wilner '09, Judy Schaer Wilner and Philip Wilner '75, Rachel Wolf '95 and Andrew Borodach, Ivan Wolnek '85, and Sara Zalcgendler '08

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