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Posted Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022 1:44:00 PM
​​This semester, the seniors in Ms. Eson's genetics elective have been learning about many different areas within human genetics so that they can ultimately appreciate the genetic basis of human diseases, and the importance of genetic considerations in the prevention...
Posted Friday, Mar 19, 2021 1:11:00 PM
On Thursday evening, the engineering club hosted Michael Liesman '15, an aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin. Michael talked about his journey after high school, what it takes to become an engineer, and went into great detail about each branch of engineering. He included required courses, possible careers and future innovations about each engineering field. Of course, he spent the most time discussing aerospace engineering, which was fascinating for our students to hear. They asked great questions. It was a very informative and inspiring talk.
Posted Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021 7:01:00 PM
The car didn't break down--they are pushing it for science! The 11th grade physics class took at advantage of the outdoor learning space on 78th St to do an outdoor, distanced physics lab. The students put their knowledge of forces and kinematics to the test to try to determine the mass of Rabbi Blaustein's car. They used a bathroom scale to record how much force they pushed the car with and measured the time it took for the car to move a distance they chose. So far, it looks like their calculations are close to the actual mass!
Posted Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021 6:45:00 PM
Our sixth graders have been learning to program a Micro:bit microcontroller to create a real-life step counter. To test the step counter, our technology teacher Mr. Andy Greenspan held a contest to see who could shake the Micro:bit the most in 10 seconds. This is part of an overall unit that connects to health awareness. A Micro:bit microcontroller is a pocket-sized computer that gives students a hands-on understanding of how software and hardware work together. It has an LED light display, buttons, sensors and other features with which students can learn to program and physically interact
Posted Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021 6:36:00 PM
Utilizing Epic!, a leading digital reading platform, third graders in Golan have been immersed in non-fiction books on a variety of subjects. They are becoming experts in subjects such as the human body. The platform contains more than 40,000 book titles.
Posted Wednesday, Mar 3, 2021 6:13:00 PM
More than 100 students from across North America submitted accessible design entries to Adi's second annual "Make the Change Challenge," a STEM contest to help promote disability inclusion through accessible design. Adi is an Israel-based organization that provides residential care for people with severe disabilities. Middle School student Gabi F.K. earned a "Top 10" selection award for his design of an electric feeding tray.
Posted Wednesday, Mar 3, 2021 5:56:00 PM
This week, a team of Ramaz educators, including Ms. Lillian Amar, our school psychologist, Mr. Andy Greenspan, our technology teacher, and Mr. Andrew Katz, our STEAM Director, launched a series of workshops surrounding digital citizenship with the first and second graders to continue reinforcing our values and expectations with regard to kindness, respectful online behavior, and the potential impact our words have on others...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021 8:39:00 PM
Yariv Bash, co-founder of SpaceIL, which sent Israel's first unmanned spacecraft, Beresheet, to the moon in 2019, shared his insight on teamwork and resilience with Middle School students this week. Friends of Access Israel (led by Ramaz alumnus Jamie Lassner) sponsored the live talk on Facebook. Mr. Bash is also CEO of the Israeli drone startup, Flytrek, which began as a supplier for drone manufacturers and hobbyists and has evolved into a delivery service. Since then, the company has begun small-scale test routes in the U.S., in North Carolina and North Dakota and is waiting for approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to be recognized as an unmanned air carrier.
Posted Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021 5:00:00 PM
"London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down..." How can we prevent this from happening? Second graders have been learning about the forces exerted on bridges, as well as the different types of bridges that professional engineers build...
Posted Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021 6:33:00 PM
Last week, junior and senior students had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Miriam Kidron and Nadav Kidron. They are mother and son who co-founded Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc in 2006. They discussed the diabetes pandemic that exists in the world today and how it is only getting worse. Before continuing with their talk, they emphasized the importance of diet and exercise because those are the best medicines and should start at a young age to prevent diabetes. They reminded us that diabetes is relevant to all of us, because almost every student present has a relative or friend who is diabetic....
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