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Posted 01/15/2019 01:16PM
We're excited to share this fascinating article by Rabbi Yigal Sklarin, Inter-Disciplinary Studies Coordinator in the Upper School, on the new Jewish works acquired in recent years by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and how they paint a fuller picture of medieval Jewish life and the ways Jewish art developed in a larger historical and artistic context. Throughout the years Rabbi Sklarin has taken students and community members to view many of these items on exhibit! To view the article,please click...
Posted 12/12/2018 02:21PM
According to Rabbi Dr. Frazer, "it was incredible to spend several days with a group of brilliant Tanach experts." The organizers from Israel's Education Ministry emphasized how Israeli and Diaspora Jews share a common bond through their shared love of Tanach. The contest's television broadcast included a segment about Chidon champions who promote Tanach in the Diaspora, and aired a brief clip of Rabbi Frazer teaching at Ramaz...
Posted 11/14/2018 03:09PM
This past Monday, the Middle School students had the opportunity to hear one of our very own Ramaz faculty members speak about her experience in the U.S. Army. Ms. Lisa Laventure spoke about her patriotism as a main reason for joining the army. We learned about the difficulties of boot camp and how for one year Lisa attended The Defense Language Institute where she learned Czech. She also spoke about the difficulties of being a family member to someone who is in the army. Thank you, Ms. Laventure, for your service.
Posted 11/14/2018 02:15PM
In this week's lecture on "Measuring Meaning with Scale and Context", Mr. Klotz discussed our place in the Universe, in both spatial and temporal contexts. The lecture started by ranging over the spatial scale from microscopic to macroscopic, with a discussion of the origin and ultimate fate of the very atoms we are made of. Participants examined the earth in the context of the sizes of other astronomical objects, and in the context of the origin, evolution, and fate of the Universe. The lecture finished with a discussion of life in the Universe, including the likelihood of life existing elsewhere and the many fine-tuned preconditions without which life on earth – or anywhere – would not be possible.
Posted 11/07/2018 01:39PM
This week's Upper School community lecture on Measuring Meaning with Scale and Context explored the notion of making meaning -- moving from an epistemological approach to a semiotic approach. Dr. Gaylord talked about how Emily Dickinson's poetry shows an evolution in her thinking about God -- from being dependent on a traditional version of God to feeling as though human beings are responsible for making meaning out of the raw material that God gives us...
Posted 10/30/2018 02:59PM
Last week, Rabbi Yigal Skalrin spoke to parents and community members on "How "Jewish" were the Marranos? A Question of Identity from the Perspective of Religion, History and Politics," as part of the Upper School's community lecture series on Measuring Meaning with Scale and Context. The following is a recap of Rabbi Sklarin's lesson...
Posted 10/17/2018 11:14PM
Over 80 prospective parents attended our ECC Open House yesterday, some of whom were Ramaz alumni or children of alumni, former faculty members, and current staff!
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