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Posted Wednesday, May 12, 2021 5:58:00 PM
Students in 7Y and 7Z are continuing their art program through the Jewish Museum Partnership, which offers resources and support to enhance art-based learning. This week, students were challenged to create a "New Yorker" magazine cover of their own, reflecting a specific current event from the past year. Among the most iconic New Yorker covers are the ones that address significant events, or illustrate some political, environmental, or social change that impacted New Yorkers and others on a large scale.
Posted Tuesday, Apr 6, 2021 1:44:00 PM
Parallax has done it again! The 2020 issue of the Ramaz literary magazine was named a Gold Medalist and received the prestigious Silver Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. To read the beautiful issue...
Posted Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021 5:04:00 PM
This week, our Lower School opened its first student-led art installation, "Portraits of a Community," capturing the diverse people who work behind the scenes at Ramaz. The inspiration for this project comes from the work of visual journalist and author Lauren Redniss, whose exhibition, A Gathering - Behind the Scenes of the New York City Ballet, featured more than 100 portraits of ballet workers, from ushers to costume designers to archivists, all of whom she personally interviewed. In early February, Ms. Redniss kicked off the Lower School's study of the employees and staff, some of whose work at the school is less visible on a day-to-day basis...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021 9:18:00 PM
Our seventh graders worked on still-paintings over Zoom with Middle School art teacher Beth Reisman, paying close attention to the principles of pattern and emphasis.
Posted Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021 6:09:00 PM
First graders have been practicing how to change their voice to match the characters in a story. For a video of Ashdod performing, please click ...
Posted Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021 5:13:00 PM
Fifth graders joined in a sing-along to learn the reason Hashem choose Har Sinai to give the Torah and the importance of humility. After acting out the song , "Little Har Sinai," students were inspired to engage in a larger conversation on how the Torah is for everyone and not only the great Jewish learners and thinkers. With the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Yocheved Rabhan, each student opted to take on one new mitzvah with extra intention/devotion this week.
Posted Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021 6:26:00 PM
Our eighth graders have spent the first semester learning topics in Chemistry. Each student was assigned an element on the Periodic Table to research and prepared a creative presentation about their element. Look at an example of their novel approaches...
Posted Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021 10:25:00 AM
In MP&S this week, students discussed how musicians get paid and the business aspect of the music industry. Live shows, streaming services, commissions, and royalties are all great ways for musicians and songwriters to make money from the music they write. The most well-known way that musicians make money is through concerts, where they sell as many tickets as possible to have people come and watch them perform. Streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora pay artists for their songs...
Posted Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 8:56:00 PM
Enjoy watching "RamJam 2020: RAMAPAZOOMA!" Our special virtual edition of the annual Upper School concert featuring music and dance from several of our co-curricular, faculty-led student ensembles! Check out performances from the Rock Band, Chamber Ensemble, Dance Team, Chamber Choir and the High School Choir. RamJam is a testament to the creative and inspired dialogue that our talented students share with each other and with their arts faculty. #RAMpride To watch, please click...
Posted Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 8:26:00 PM
Fifth graders learned about perspective and composition by observing and then drawing deciduous trees - those that shed their leaves in fall.
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