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Posted Wednesday, May 19, 2021 5:46:00 PM
Middle School students wrote heartfelt letters of support to peers in Israel, sending expressions of hope, strength and prayer in Hebrew. Above, a photo of one of our fifth grader's messages.
Posted Wednesday, May 12, 2021 5:48:00 PM
Eighth graders joined a live Zoom broadcast this week with wounded IDF soldiers who offered real-time updates on the situation in Israel and shared their personal experiences.
Posted Wednesday, May 12, 2021 5:30:00 PM
Our fourth graders wrote notes and placed them on a virtual Kotel created for Yom Yerushalayim. It was very moving to read their requests for peace and wellness in Jerusalem. As one student in Dimona poignantly wrote: "my blessing for Jerusalem is that there will be no more wars and that everyone would respect Jerusalem."
Posted Wednesday, May 12, 2021 5:23:00 PM
This week our entire Lower School worked together to create a collaborative virtual Yerushalayim in honor of Yom Yerushalayim. Each cohort learned, explored, and designed a poster of a well-known Jerusalem landmark – nick-named "Jerusalandmarks." Together they transformed the lobby into a Virtual Jerusalem, with each cohort "visiting" Jerusalem and immersing themselves in this exhibition. Both students and teachers enjoyed learning interesting facts about Ir HaKodesh. Using iPads...
Posted Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021 5:13:00 PM
Experiencing the life of a "chayal" and "chayelet" through actions, images and sounds is among the many ways that help our young students growing up in the Diaspora foster a link to our Jewish homeland. Here, our first graders learn to "salute" the way soldiers do in the army.
Posted Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021 5:09:00 PM
K-Kachol students each contributed to the creation of an Israel Museum outside their fifth-floor classroom. They brought in related items - from old Israeli passports to puzzles, books to photos. Offering a quick tour, one student, pointed out the Hebrew edition of Good Night Moon, "Lila Tov Yareach," he said. "Did you know that one?" he asked.
Posted Tuesday, Apr 6, 2021 1:24:00 PM
For the latest edition of Tosses, where students wrote about important events from the past year relating to Israeli culture and politics and their own personal experiences...
Posted Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021 6:48:00 PM
Eighth graders began studying the creation of the State of Israel this week in history class. After viewing footage from the documentary, The Long Way Home, they were challenged to work in small groups to partition Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states. Students considered water availability, land use, access to ports, and current population. All agreed that making these decisions in an equitable way was extremely challenging, especially regarding the status of Jerusalem.
Posted Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021 4:41:00 PM
This past week, on Tu B'Shevat, a representative from Leket Israel – an organization that brings fresh food to those in need in Israel – paid a virtual visit to ECC students to explain how it picks and transports surplus food around the country.
Posted Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021 5:52:00 PM
First graders in Eilat delight in using their iPads to learn Hebrew using the iTalAM Hebrew language and Jewish heritage curriculum, a unique digital interactive blended learning program.
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