Ramaz 8th Graders Connect Spiritually and Emotionally in Yerushalayim

Last night, the KJ/Ramaz community joined in celebration of Yom Yerushalayim to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the “Golden City’s” unification during the Six Day War. The evening’s theme, Yerushalayim Sheli, My Jerusalem, gave each presenter the opportunity to share personal reflections of that awesome day, June 7, 1967, and through song and story, the Miracle of Reunification was emotionally recounted. We were able to “see” and experience Jerusalem today, 50 years later, by capturing on film, our eighth graders at the Kotel this past Sunday, just hours before their departure home, along with two of our alumni who are spending their gap year studying in Jerusalem. Rabbi Lookstein introduced the film, and said it best, “Enjoy the nachas!”
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