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    • MonJan21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    • MonJan21 NO SESSIONS
    • MonJan21 Tu B'Shvat
    • MonJan21 PC - JNF - Tu B'Shevat and Martin Luther King Jr. Program 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
    • TueJan22 Grade 4 Dorot Presentation 9:00 AMRoom 801
    • WedJan23 Grade 4 Dimona Presentation 9:00 AMRoom 701
    • ThuJan24 Grade 4 Degania Presentation 9:00 AMRoom 701
    • ThuJan24 MS Boys (Grade 7) Basketball @SAR 6:00 PM
    • FriJan25 Grade 4 Dafna Presentation Room 801
    • FriJan25 Candle Lighting 4:47 PM
    • SatJan26 Ramaz/KJ Ice Skating and Havdallah Event Wollman Rink

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    • SatJan26 Yitro

News From Ramaz

Posted 01/16/2019 09:32PM
In conjunction with learning about transportation, Pre-K Tzahov had the privilege of seeing a real Hatzolah ambulance! Mr. Leo Esses (Elias' father) gave the class a tour of the ambulance. Students learned about the blood pressure machine, checked out the walkie talkies, tried on helmets, saw the stretcher, and were fascinated by the Band Aids -- the most used material on the ambulance...
Posted 01/16/2019 09:26PM
Pre-K Yarok has been studying their favorite animals. In order to see them first hand, students went on a field trip to the Central Park Zoo! What a fun trip it was! First, the children followed the maps (that they made themselves!) to see the sea lions -- which were swimming around and around...
Posted 01/16/2019 03:51PM
In honor of Tu Be'Shevat, the 5th and 6th graders had the opportunity to go across the street and plant with the senior citizens from KJ's Lunch and Learn program. The students and seniors sang songs together, decorated planters, and planted beans! It was wonderful to see the generations connect in such a meaningful way.
Posted 01/16/2019 10:26AM
Last week, a dozen students from the Ramaz Political Club (aka, "Rampo") met to discuss the Government Shutdown and its impact on the political scene. As usual, it was a rousing and raucous good time, in finest tradition of American politics (think a classic New England Town Hall, but with more junk food). While we did not resolve the shutdown, in all fairness, neither have our nation's leaders. Rampo will also be briefly shutdown, but will re-open promptly in the new semester.
Posted 01/15/2019 02:53PM
Tu B'Shevat celebrates the "birthday of the trees" and all of the amazing miracles that take place each day with the thriving agriculture of Medinat Yisrael, the land of Israel. Second and third grade teachers have planned two amazing programs to help students learn the importance of the day and its meaning for the Jewish people...
Posted 01/15/2019 01:39PM
With Martin Luther King Jr. Day around the corner, fifth and sixth graders watched a live performance about the different African American experiences of fighting for rights to equality and liberty. The story follows Peter Freeman, a free black man in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1770s. When the colonial conflict with the British government reaches Freeman's town of Concord, he and his family find themselves at the heart of the battle...

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