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News From Ramaz

Posted 03/14/2018 06:43PM
"Toses" is a Hebrew literary magazine written by Ramaz students, about Ramaz students and about Israel. To view, please click..
Posted 03/14/2018 06:33PM
Yesterday, our US and MS students took 17 minutes to respectfully memorialize the 17 students and faculty members who lost their lives last month in the Parkland school shooting. Students rallied together in support of school safety, emphasizing their belief in schools existing as safe havens for their students...
Posted 03/14/2018 06:07PM
Every day the Kindergarten children count how many days they have been in school! While doing this, they learn to count by 5's and 10's and their goal is to count to 100. Last week, that goal was met. With great excitement, the Kindergarten celebrated reaching 100 days of school. Every class had a "100-day museum" which displayed 100 items in many different ways....
Posted 03/14/2018 05:48PM
Brooklyn was bustling with freshmen as students took advantage of some of the many sights to see. Students had a great time baking matzah at Ateres Shlomo under the guidance of Rav Twerski. They started by learning some of the intricate laws of the process of the matzah baking experience - from the time the water and flour were mixed until the matzot came out of the ovens...
Posted 03/14/2018 05:38PM
Students in the sixth grade were treated to the first of four workshops focusing on opera. The workshop is presented by the Manhattan School of Music as part of the Spiro Vorchheimer Strike a Chord Music Enrichment Program, endowed by the Spiro family in honor of the Vorchheimer grandchildren...
Posted 03/13/2018 12:22PM
The students of Ms. Barak's Honors Israeli Culture course attended a screening of the new Israeli movie, "Foxtrot", at the JCC as part of the course's lesson plan. Throughout this year, the Honors Israeli Culture course has explored many aspects of Israeli culture, such as art, music, poetry, literature, and film...

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