Jewish Life
At Ramaz, we emphasize that Judaism is our way of life. It is not a single subject, but, rather, it is a belief and value system that we are committed to instilling in our children. Throughout the day, we teach children to be committed Jews and to celebrate their identity.

In Kindergarten children will learn to:

  • Develop a Jewish identity.
  • Develop a sense of pride in being Jewish.
  • Gain a love of Israel.
  • Know about the Jewish holidays and Shabbat.
  • Understand and love prayers.
  • Learn about different minhagim (Jewish customs).
  • Say Kiddush, light candles, cut challah, and sing Shabbat songs at the Shabbat party.
  • Learn parashah stories from Breishit to the beginning of Shemot (Yitziyat Mitzrayim).
  • Wear a kippah/hat every day (boys).
  • Wear tzitzit every day (boys).
  • Participate in Rosh Chodesh sing-a-long.


  • Experience a sense of love for tefillot.
  • Daven cooperatively.
  • Understand that davening is something that Jewish people often do together.
  • Learn the following tefillot: Modeh Ani, Reishit Chachma, Bracha on Tzitzit, Ma Tovu, Shma, Torah, La’asok B’divre Torah, Aleinu, Adon Olam.
  • Learn about the Torah and the importance of the Torah to the Jewish people.
  • Learn that the Torah is read on Shabbat, Mondays, and Thursdays.


  • Understand the importance of reciting prayers before and after we eat.
  • Say brachot before eating snacks.
  • Wash hands before eating bread.
  • Say birkat hamazon after eating.
  • Learn the following brachot: Hazan et Hachol, Al Ha’aretz, Boneh Brachmav, Uvneh Yerushalayim, Oseh Shalom, Yiru.