Emergent Literacy
Pre-K children should be able to:
  • Know that written symbols have meaning and lead to letter recognition and identification (i.e., knowing names).
  • Recall beginning/middle/end of story (sequencing).
  • Recall stories independently.
  • Dictate a story.
  • Retell a story in his or her own words.
  • Recognize front, middle, and end of book.
  • Recognize own name.
  • Recognize classmate’s names.
  • Recognize the upper case letters of the alphabet (both in and out of sequence).
  • Begin to recognize lower case letters.
  • Recognize signs in their environment.
  • Recognize rhyming words.
  • Begin to rhyme simple words.
  • Recognize familiar words (e.g., the class schedule).
  • Write first name.
  • Begin to make a connection between letters and their sounds.
  • Begin to recognize the beats in a word (syllables).
  • Participate in the Sounds in Motion program.