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Alumni Events and Programs

Ramaz alumni love coming together and seeing classmates, former and current faculty, and staff.


Ramaz celebrates 5, 10, 25, 50, and 60 year anniversaries with an event for you and your classmates. Reunions are always enhanced by alumni involvement, from planning the theme, sending out messaging, sharing photos from then and now, and much more!

If you have any questions or are interested in joining your reunion planning committee please contact us at

Alumni Sponsorship Opportunities

The relationship that Ramaz has with our community is unique in that we encourage everyone to support areas of the school that will make the biggest impact and that will meet their family's personal and charitable needs.

Whether you are interested in underwriting a program, or sponsoring one of our alumni initiatives, you can make a direct impact.

Contact us at for more details.

Ramaz Virtual Campus

We created programs through the Ramaz Virtual Campus to educate and engage the Ramaz community during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Since March of 2020, we have been able to create a space where all members of the Ramaz community can gather to learn, grow spiritually and professionally, and even tour the world, all from the comfort of their homes, free of charge.

If you have any suggestions for programs or an interested in hosting one, please reach out to Director of Alumni and Constituent Relations, Leah Felner

The Ramaz Alumni Association puts on many events throughout the year that range from small get togethers to large networking events and panels. We have hosted events in New York City, Florida, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C. and Maryland, and Israel. In collaboration with the Upper School, the Ramaz Alumni Association visits many college campuses throughout the year and are always on the lookout for new campuses to visit.

Have an event for an idea? Let us know -