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Tuition Assistance 2024-2025

For many parents, tuition is higher than can be met reasonably. For that reason, we urge parents who feel that the tuition is beyond their means to apply for tuition assistance. Ramaz deeply believes that tuition assistance is an essential expression of our values and critical for our families whose circumstances require such assistance.

Families interested in assistance must file BOTH a Ramaz Tuition Assistance Application together with an online FACTS Grant and Aid Application.

Each family must complete both applications.

The deadline for tuition assistance applications is April 15, 2024.

Tuition Assistance is determined on an annual basis. The program is overseen by the School's Tuition Assistance Committee. Please be assured that all tuition assistance information is kept in the strictest of confidence. For more information or for questions, please email

Guidelines for Tuition Assistance (2024-2025)

In order to assist in helping us decide how best to allocate tuition assistance to families, we use the FACTS Grants & Aid Assessment division ("FACTS") of the FACTS Management Company to collect financial and tax information. FACTS performs an analysis and provides recommendations to the Ramaz Tuition Assistance Committee (the "Committee") for its review. The Committee utilizes both the FACTS application as well as the Ramaz Tuition Assistance application and documentation in determining what the family can afford to pay for tuition and fees.

Therefore, in order to apply for tuition assistance, each family must complete a FACTS and a Ramaz application as outlined below.

The determination by the Committee of what a family can afford to pay cannot be completed until all of the required documentation is received. In order to allow sufficient time to give each application enough attention, we ask that you complete your applications by April 15, 2024.

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Tuition Assistance

If you have any questions regarding the FACTS application, you may call:
FACTS Customer Care Representative