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Leadership & Organization

Executive Committee

The Ramaz administration, in consultation with the outgoing Parents Council president(s), appoints the president (or co-presidents) of Parents Council. The president(s), in turn, select a vice-president for each of the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, as well as the treasurer and secretary. Each officer is a school parent and serves for a three-year term.

2023-2024 OFFICERS

  • Lisa Cohen, President
  • Shira Arcus, ECC Vice President
  • Jennifer Kashanian and Abby Kaufthal, Lower School Vice President
  • Meytal Gamlieli, Middle School Vice President
  • Dena Dubroff and Julie Kopel, Upper School Vice Presidents
  • Gabriella Fridman, Secretary
  • Amanda Katz and Erica Sabetfard, Treasurers
  • Danielle Auerbach, Stephanie Biselman '05, and Claudette Levy '04, Special Events
  • Dana Hiltzik '90, Senior Advisor

Liaison Committees

The Early Childhood Center (ECC), Lower School, Middle School and Upper School each has a liaison committee. These committees are organized to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among parents, the faculty and the administration. The committees are comprised of parent representatives, administrators, faculty, the headmaster of each school, the school administrator and the school principal. Liaison meetings are held every six weeks in order to discuss parental concerns regarding the school, grade or class. Parents are encouraged to contact their liaison representatives with any issues. The liaison committee, together with the administration, reviews these concerns and, when appropriate, places them on the agenda for the next meeting. If a topic requires further attention or action, a committee of parents and administrators may be formed.