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Our Mission

Our mission statement is part of our daily language. It is featured on these colorful posters in every classroom, enabling our teachers to refer to it in class whenever appropriate.

Ramaz Logo

As a co-educational modern Orthodox Day School, Ramaz strives to educate students towards the following goals:

  • A commitment to menschlichkeit, reflecting fineness of character, respect for others, integrity, and the centrality of chesed in all its manifestations.

  • A commitment to Torah, mitzvot, and Ahavat Yisrael, and love and support for the State of Israel. 

  • A commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, to intellectual rigor, to scholarship, and to a life-long love of learning. 

  • Loyalty and gratitude to the United States of America, and the democratic traditions and values of our country. 

  • A sense of responsibility for the Jewish people and all humankind.