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Latest News

ECC Students Celebrate the End of the Year with Creative Party Fun

To celebrate this past year's growth and look forward to next year, the ECC has been throwing end-of-year celebrations! With their parents, they have been cheering on their accomplishments while participating in fun activities. For example, everyone watched slide shows recapping fond memories from throughout the year. Children decorated...

Ping-Pong Champion Ms. Estee Ackerman Shares Her Skills and Her Jewish Pride at the Middle School

Olympic table tennis player and Orthodox Jew Ms. Estee Ackerman paid a special visit to the Middle School. After the students watched a news segment about her athletic success and dedication to Judaism, she gave a presentation explaining her journey. Not only is Ms. Ackerman a gold medalist, but she is a proud Jew who prioritizes religious observance over her sport. For example, when a championship conflicts...

Students Tour the Second Beit HaMikdash Using Virtual Reality Equipment

Ramaz students entered the second Beit HaMikdash! Impossible? Well, sixth and seventh graders combined their Judaic Studies with incredible 21st-century advancements, using virtual reality equipment to explore ancient Israel. With a headset to see the alternate world, and handheld remotes to control their virtual movements, they took an interactive tour and even entered the second Beit HaMikdash. They found materials...