Celebrating Our Mission of Menschlichkeit
Celebrating Our Mission of Menschlichkeit
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Ramaz Annual Dinner 2019

Sunday, January 13, 2019  |  7 Shevat 5779
New York Marriott Marquis, Times Square, 5:00PM



Visionaries. Leaders. Supporters. Menschen.

Alumni Menschlichkeit Award presented to

Michael Reidler ’09


Visionary   Englander Levin Family   Inge and Ira Rennert       Builder   Anonymous Donor   Sherry and Neil Cohen   Amy z"l and James Haber       Innovator   Vanessa and Raymond Chalmé       Founder   Anonymous Donors   Deborah and Isaac Ash   Deborah and Richard Born   Ronni and Haim Chera   Jeanne and Samuel Jemal   Pamela '78 and George Rohr   Debbie '87 and Daniel Schwartz   Robyn Price Stonehill '89 and David Stonehill '86   Jody and Ari Storch   Tali and Adam Tantleff '93       Pillar   Wilma and Kenneth Aschendorf   Jessica and Adam Kaplan   Leora Mogilner and Richard Linhart   Ariel '97 and Albert Sebag   Randi and David Sultan       Grantor   Nicole and Raanan Agus '85   The Cayre Family   Nina and Mitchell Davidson   Celeste and Asher Hackel   Sarah and Elie Hirschfeld   Sandra and Jeffrey Justin   Shelley '73 and Martin Kaufman   Adele and Jody Laboz   Samantha and Jonathan Rubenstein   Meredith and David Schizer   Erica '93 and Robert Schwartz   Suzanne '92 and Robert Schwartz   Rina and Amnon Shalhov   Tamara and Randall Winn       Pacesetter   Lori Zeltser and Leonard Berman   Lillian and Kenneth Cayre   Clearline Capital   Nathan and Louise Goldsmith Foundation, Inc.   Tamar and Eric Goldstein   Nicole and Andrew Goletka   Amy and Darren Landy   Judy and David Lobel   The Propp Family   Jennifer and Isaac Sitt   Judy Schaer Wilner and Philip Wilner '75       Benefactor   Anonymous Donors   Lenore and Maurice Ades   David Berman   Sara and Mark Bloom   Elana '91 and Aryeh Bourkoff   Joan and Edward Cohen   Lisa and Richard Cohen   Fortunée and David Dushey   Eli and Sandy Dweck   Lilian and Elliott Eisman   The Herman Forbes Charitable Trust   Sharon and Gary Greengrass '77   The Gruenstein Family   Elena and Vladimir Gutin   Chani Penstein and Jonathan Hornblass '87   Karin Charnoff-Katz and Joel Katz   Rina and Zachary Kestenbaum '01   Ruth and Jerry Kestenbaum   Kolatch Family Foundation   Lani and Jason Kollander   Faye and Hartley Koschitzky   Kim and Jonathan Kushner   Jody and Elie Levine   Audrey and Rabbi Haskel Lookstein '49   Jenny and Marc Majzner   Michelle and Jack Maleh   Jaclyn and Gonen Paradis   Samantha and Lee Podolsky   Eleanore Reznik   Sasha and Eugene Salamon   Sheira and Steven Schacter '68   Ilana Brownstein and William A. Schubin   Francine and Kenneth Segal   Sisterhood Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun   Zahava and Moshael Straus   Elizabeth '96 and Joshua Trump   Sherry and Joel Wiener   Carrie and Roberto Woldenberg   Adele and Eli Yedid       Patron   Anonymous Donors   Harvey Arfa   Amy and Daniel Bursky '86   Rita and Fred Distenfeld   Dena and Jonathan Dubroff   Eckstein Family   Elizabeth and Shaun Honig '95   Janegail and James Kahn   Rachel and Edgard Khafif   Joanna and Emil Kleinhaus '95   Sherri and Alexander Libin '92   Jean and Armand Lindenbaum       Sponsor   Mara and Elliot Attie   Deborah and Barry Berg   Renee and Michael Bernstein   Lynn and Benjamin Braka   Gilly and Jonathan Cannon   Dalia and Joseph Cohen   Abigail and David Doft '89   Debbie '82 and Michael Doppelt   Claudia and Marcos Douer   Deborah and Eric Edell   Elyse '90 and David Efron   Lauren and Michael Feit   Lee and Andrew Fine   Five Star Caterers   Ruth and Rafi Fouzailoff   Danielle and Jason Friedman'91   Sandy and Zev Furst   Audrey and Mark Goldstein   Sharon and Shachar Gonen   Wendy '72 and Sholem Greenbaum   Marian Gross and Family   Laura and Leonard Grossman   Jill and James Haber   Michele '79 and Benjamin Hering   Dana '90 and Matthew Hiltzik '90   Isabelle and Nugi Jakobishvili   Noelle and Norman Jemal   Helene and Harvey Kaminski   Linda and Ilan Kaufthal   Abby and Joshua Kaufthal '92   Gloria and Richard Kobrin '58   Julie and Reuben Kopel   Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum '78   Caroline '90 and Morris Massel   Tehilah Foundation - Lauren and Ezra Merkin '70   Sharon and Solomon Merkin '74   Wendy '91 and Adam Modlin   Sheera and Michael Moffson   David & Esther Muschel Foundation   Esther and M. David Muschel   Harriet and Allen Radin   Meredith and Michael Rishty   Esther and Kenneth Rubinstein   Trudy and Seymour Sadinoff '53   Rebecca Feit and Rami Sasson   Daniella '90 and Ari Schertz   Esther and Marc Sholes   Bonnie and David Silvera   Suzy and Joey Sokol '89   Victoria and Joseph Sutton   Abigail '92 and Shai Tambor   Nathalie and Mitchell Vilinsky   Harvey Wolinsky   Jennifer and Jeremy Yashar       Guardian   Sara and Gregory Angrist   The Bay and Paul Foundations   Eliette and Eric Bentolila   Ruth '70 and Raymond Brenner   Mariel Shalom Cayre '05 and Jack Cayre   Hinda and Eugene Farber   Carolyn Hiltebeitel and Orrin Feingold   Bess '03 and Sim Fern   Nechama and Jason Fertig   Alexandra and Daniel Gohari '97   Stephanie and Daniel Goldstein   Zeva '81 and Lawrence Herman   Michele and Steven Kamali   Arielle and Daniel Kauvar   Susan '84 and Jack Lerner   Vivian and David Mark   Nicole and Tuvy Meyer   Arielle Goldman and Natan Packin '01   Gail and Berndt Perl   Colby and Justin Podolsky   Lauren and Mitchell Presser   Drorit '88 and Michael Ratzker   Debra and Asher Roshanzamir   Diana and Morad Roshanzamir   Phylise and Richard Sands   Gabriela and Jack Shnay   Corinne Steel   Carrie and Ilan Stern   Elizabeth Straus '03   Esther and Garth Symonds   Lisa and Mark Todes   Ariel '97 and Joshua Weiner '96   Jennifer and Jeremy Yashar       Donor   Anonymous Donors   Rabbi David Arfa '79   Judy and Kenneth Arfa '71   Louise and Sidney Banon   Lotte z"l and Lou Bravmann   Marjorie and Neil Brenner '56   Doina and Lawrence Bryskin   Diana Newman '87 and Isaac Corré   Barbara and Abe Esses   Chaiki and Ziel Feldman   Hannah '79 and Paul Freilich   Stephanie and Jonathan Freilich '83   Celia and Sol Gindi   Sharon Bilar-Goldfarb and Jeffrey Goldfarb   Jennifer and Michael Kaplan   Laura '02 and Daniel Kaufthal '98   The Kent   Adriel Koschitzky '09   Ellen and Herbert Lepor   Georgie and Rabbi Josh Lookstein '88   Lisa and Nathan Low   Mindy and Fredric Miller   Stephanie and Jonathan More '99   Janine and Cal Nathan   Carol '60 and Melvin Newman '59   Shelley and Joseph Paradis   Colby and Justin Podolsky   The Eve Propp Family Foundation   David Rapaport   Lori and Harry Reidler   Janie and Robert Schwalbe   Donna and Arthur Silverman   Michelle '88 and William Spielfogel   Susan '81 and Jay Spievack   Evelyn (Arfa) '64 and Oscar Weiss '61       Friend   Anonymous   Jennifer and Daniel Agus   Roberta '65 and Alan Aronoff   Beth and Marc Bengualid   Ilana '72 and Daniel Benson   Lillie and Danny Benson   Yaira '97 and Matthew Binstock   Stephanie '05 and Igor Biselman   Daniele '96 and Steven Bleier   Margaret Ayres and Stephen Case   Leandra Medine-Cohen '07 and Abraham Cohen   Renee and Ezra Dabah   Orly and Issy Daniell-Hackmon   Eugenia '83 and Ira Davis '78   Gail and Michael Davis   Grace and Jack Dayan   Desiree and Elad Dror '99   Jonathan Freedberg '94   Gabriella and David Fridman '00   Diana '74 and Robert Friedman   Eric Gibbs   Bernard Goldberg   Carin and Eric Griebtz '91   Debbie and Peter Gyenes '63   Dina and Daniel Katz '86   Stephanie and Bennett Katz '82   Joia '95 and Joshua Kazam   Debbie Krantzow   Anna Krieger Klein '01 and Daniel Klein   Dinah Miller Marlowe and Seth Marlowe   Jennifer and David Mashaal   Anat and Louis Menaged   Dori '03 and Eric Mirvis '00   Jordana '01 and Avi Moche   Margalit and Jason Moche   Susan and Michael B. Mukasey '59   Sara and Joseph Nathanson   Deborah and Randall North   Judy and Donald Olenick   Suzanne and Lawrence Present   Abbe '86 and Michael Serphos   Ann and James Salame   Erin and Eyal Seinfeld   Deena and Adam Shiff   Robyn '57 and Bruce Shoulson '57   Terry and Isaac Silvera '86   Evelyn '98 and Avi Spodek   James Summerville   Andrew Weitzen   Carol Ochs Wurzburger '66 and Robert Wurzburger   Barbara Zimet       Participant   Karen and Mony Dan Abergel   Elana and Aaron Abraham   Myrna and Charles Alpert   Carmit and Georges Archibald   Idit and Yosef Agus '87   Tara and Sepas Ahdoot   Diana Daniloff and Timur Akilov   Rona Woldenberg '79 and Reuben Askowitz '78   Danielle and Jonathan Auerbach   Beth and David Badner   Olga and Jonathan Beck   Stacy and Thomas Behm   Sara Rubenstein and Yariv Ben-Ari   Melanie Ouanounou and Charles Bensoussan   Leslie and Jeremy Berdugo   Nava and Daniel Bettinger   Marnie and Scott Black   Ronit Simantov and Howard Blas   Rabbi Amy and Rabbi Scott Bolton   Caroline '10 and Jordan Bryk '02   Esther Goldsmith and Jeffrey Buller   Jennifer and Saul Burian   Carly and Daniel Castle '96   Sheila and Jeremy Chess   Mindy '79 and Jay Cinnamon   Cohen Tauber Spievack & Wagner P.C.   Gila and David Cohen   Susan Hecht and David Cohen   Danielle and Mac Dabah   Rena Rosenberg and Roy Davidovitch   Nicole '88 and Mordecai Dicker '81   Erica and Michael Distenfeld '01   Esther and Joseph Dushey   Julienne and David Dweck   Lisa and Noah Elbogen   Randi and Howard Eisenstein '83   Megan and Michael Englander '96   Allison and Leo Esses '90   Sherry '76 and Mark Fessel   Sarah and Rocky Fishman   Adriana and David Foni   Paula and Steven Forkosh   Rebecca Gober '97   Lorraine and David Gold   Keren and Zohar Goshen   Judith and Robert Grauman   Sandra and Ira Greenstein   Judith '84 and Michael Goldberg '76   Judith and David Goldfinger   Anne and Joseph Gontownik   Rhonda and Michael Gribetz   Sima '03 and David Gross   Judith and Allan Halpern   Judith and Robert Hara   Stephanie '06 and Leon Harary   Sandra and Michael Hecht   Sarah and Marc Helwani   Janna '88 and Samuel Herskowitz   Aviva Preminger and David Hiltzik '93   Linda and George Hiltzik   Hollywood Building Services   Ruth Spinner Jacobi and and Adam Jacobi   Terry and Michael Jaspan '69   Leslie Spitalnick '99 and Joshua Kaplan   Jennifer and James Kashanian   Phyllis and Melvyn Kass   Jane and Robert Katz   Bosi and Yaron Kinar   Marjorie Lehman and Ari Klapholz   Stacey Kreinen-Klass and Richard Klass   Ellen and Jonathan Kleinhaus   Amy and Absalom Kotulski   Emily and Aaron Krawitz '00   Esther '91 and Motti Kremer   Carmella Abraham '82 and Steven Kubersky '80   Wilma and Stephen Kule   Lisa Lerer Zahn '83 and Uri Lazar   Rebecca and Jonas Leibowitz   Amy '89 and Robert Leifer   Ivy '99 and Gregory Levi   Laura '99 and Daniel Levin   Jill and Matthew Levy '99   Lee and Michael Lewittes '85   Rena Fredman and David Lichtenstein   Thelma and Herb Loring   Cara Kleiman and Cal Major '07   Melissa Sheldon-Maurer and Daniel Maurer   Margot Small and Roy Mensch   Rachel Haber and Ari Mentzel   Margalit and Jason Moche   Lorena and Samuel Moche   Leah and Barrie Modlin   Naomi and Noah Moss   Robert Ness   Daniela and Steven Niditch   Kimberlee and Jason Ostheimer   Janelle and Sheldon Pike   Dina and Douglas Propp   Lee'at Sharoni and Aharon Rabinowitz   Diane '87 and David Rein   Elena and Jed Resnick   Alexandra and Michael Rishty   Lola and Harvey Rosenblum   Amy and Howard Rubenstein   Shira and Allen Rubinstein   Naomi Ickovitz and Steven Rudolph   Gabriella and Saul Safdieh '00   Ronnie and Andrew Schonzeit   Shara Lipson and Gideon Schor   Ilana and Carey Schreiber   Debbie and Howard Schub '83   Lu Steinberg '75 and Michael Schulder   Alanna and Jeffrey Schwartz   Anne '87 and Sam Schwartz   JoAnn and Isaac Shalom   Alissa and Howard Shams   Sara '92 and Simon Shemia   Ronnie and Steven Sichel   Alexandra Alperovich and Jeremy Simon '80   Adina Cimet de Singer and Michael Singer   Rachel and Daniel Solomons   Aurora and Sander Srulowitz   Judge David and Shoshana Stadtmauer   Rebecca and John Steindecker   Ariel and Jonathan Stern '99   Roberta and Curt Stetson   Diana and Bradley Stoler   Surie and Bob Sugarman   Carla and Steven Tanz '85   Zohara and Jay Taragin   Adele and Ronald Tauber   Orit and Warren Teichner   Rachel and Craig Title   Phyllis and Jonathan Wagner   Bettina '81 and Spencer Waxman   Emily and Andrew Weiss   Jessica and Marcus Weiss   Marion and William Weiss   Chaya and Ari Weitzner   Adrienne and Jules Winokur '94   Marilyn and David Zarabi   Seymour Zises   Laura and Daniel Znaty   Naomi and Bernard Zweig  

Dinner Chairs

Drorit Ratzker ‘88, Samantha Rubenstein, David Sultan, Victoria Sutton, Kenny Rochlin ’86, Erica Tannenbaum

The 2019 Annual Dinner featured:

A cocktail reception with a lavish buffet dinner and dessert,

A virtual journal and a program featuring the year's honorees.