Divrei Torah from the Middle School

Posted 02/23/2017 03:40PM
In this week's parasha, Parashat Mishpatim, Hashem introduces a list of important laws, positive and negative commandments, to the Jewish people at Har Sinai.
Posted 02/15/2017 03:28PM
In Parashat Yitro, Moshe's father- in-law, Yitro, hears all the miracles that HaShem did to Bnei Yisrael, so he decides to go see it for himself. Yitro's daughter, Tzipporah, is married to Moshe and together they have two sons - Gershom and Eliezer.
Posted 02/02/2017 02:27PM
In this week's parasha, Parshat Bo, Moshe and Aharon warn Pharaoh about the incoming locusts, the eighth plague. Pharaoh's advisers advise him to listen to Moshe and let the Jews go.
Posted 01/26/2017 10:25AM
In this week's parasha, Parashat Vaera, Pharaoh constantly agrees to let the Jews go but then he changes his mind. Each time Pharaoh changed his mind, his heart hardened thereby taking away his free will.

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