About the Parent Participation Campaign

If you have any additional questions, you can reach out to Kenny Rochlin '86, Director of Institutional Advancement, at kroch@ramaz.org or 212-774-8041, or contact the Ramaz Development Office at development@ramaz.org or 212-774-8055. We'd love to hear from you!

Frequently asked questions

How do I participate? Can I make a donation today?

Yes! To donate online, please click on "Make Your Gift Now". You also can send a check to The Ramaz School (114 East 85th Street, New York, NY 10028). If you have any additional questions, you can reach out to Kenny Rochlin at or 212-774-8041, or Jocelyn London '02, Annual Giving Officer at or 212-774-8045.

How long is this campaign going on for?

Donations received through the end of June 2016 will go towards the 2016 Annual Campaign and towards these Parent Participation percentages. Donations received afterwards will go towards our next campaign (the 2016-2017 Annual Campaign).

What is my donation funding?

Your contribution supports the following areas of givingat Ramaz that help to better our children's Ramaz education:
  • Academic Excellence: Help provide the highest level of Judaic and general studies education, cultivate the finest educators through professional advancement, prepare our students for higher-level education and future careers, and offer differentiated instruction through learning centers and enrichment.
  • Ahavat Yisrael: Support strong Hebrew language programs, student-written Hebrew publications, Israel-themed celebrations, special Israel programming; and trips in Grade 8 and 12 that culminate in Israel.
  • Arts & Culture: Support areas including: Musicals and Concerts; milestone literary moments like the Grade 1 Publishing Party and Grade 3 Poetry Celebration in the Lower School; specialty art and music classes in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools; activity centers in the Early Childhood Center; publications in a range of specialties; Museum and cultural institution visits; and the renowned Celebration of the Arts festival.
  • Chesed Program: Provide memorable and impactful opportunities to our students and community. Chesed programming helps foster a life-long passion and focus for our students to think about and impact others positively.
  • Jewish Heritage: Support special programming on Yom Hashoah, Yom Hazikaron, and Yom Ha'atzmaut, visits to religious and cultural institutions, and trips like the Grade 8 Israel Trip and the Senior Journey.
  • NYC Experience: Open our students’ eyes to a world of possibilities and sponsor memorable New York City moments such as visits to the Jewish Heritage Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park Zoo, Carnegie Hall, and the Battery Urban Farm.
  • Ramaz in Print: Our students are given the platform and opportunity to create and share their original thoughts and ideas, through prose, poetry, nonfiction journals, and divrei torah. Your support of Ramaz in Print allows us to continue to foster a love for writing and publishing.
  • Religious Life: A Ramaz student is empowered with the desire and means to engage in the independent study and practice of Torah as a lifelong passion and as a source of intellectual and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Special Programming: Help provide impactful moments in our children’s education, including on 9/11, Veterans' Day, Kristallnacht, Yom HaShoah, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Lag B'Omer, and Yom Yerushalayim.
  • Sports: Your donation helps fund athletic teams at Ramaz, as well as the Sports Dinner, and school spirit events.
  • Student Life & Leadership: Help empower our students to grow into the leaders of tomorrow by giving them opportunities to learn and form memorable experiences outside the classroom. Supporters will be recognized in Ramaz community communications.
  • Trips: Help extend the classroom beyond four walls and creates memories of a lifetime.
  • Scholarship: Help ensure that children, regardless of financial need, have access to a high quality Jewish education.
  • Alumni Programming: From the moment our students graduate, they are connected to a network of over 5,500 alumni, which supports and encourages them through all stages of their lives. Whether they’re spending a “Gap Year” in Israel, looking for a job, celebrating a birth, or mourning a loss, the Ramaz family is always here.

If I have children in different grades/divisions, will my contribution count towards each one?

Yes. You do not have to divide your contribution into multiple installments. Your one contribution will be counted towards each student/child's grade.

What is the minimum donation amount that will count towards the campaign?

Gifts of every size make an impact on our participation. Every family counts and will be listed as a part of the initiative. Your donation will help us reach the 100% participation goal.

If I participated in the Ramaz Day of Giving, does that count towards Parent Participation?

Yes! All parent gifts made around the Day of Giving count towards parent participation. Thank you for your support.

I believe I have already given to this year's Annual Campaign. Can you confirm that you have me on your list?

Thank you for your support and dedication. Please contact the Ramaz Development Office at 212-774-8055 or and they can confirm your donation.

Is this different from the capital and endowment campaign?

Yes. Your participation in the Annual Campaign supports the annual operating budget of the school, and the areas of giving. Our capital campaign, Building The Future Together: The Campaign for Ramaz & Kehilath Jeshurun, is an independent campaign that raises money to revitalize the Lower School and KJ facilities, as well as to build the Ramaz endowment to assure Ramaz's financial sustainability.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Kenny Rochlin at or 212-774-8041; or Kristin Auerbach, Director of Development at or 212-774-8058.

How about those who attended the Annual Dinner? Is their contribution a part of the Annual Campaign?

Yes! The Annual Dinner is a highlight of the Annual Campaign. All those who purchased a ticket to attend the Dinner or placed a virtual ad are supporters of the Annual Campaign. For more information on the Dinner, please visit www.ramaz.org/dinner.

Will my donation dollar amount be listed next to my name on the parent list?

No. Our parent participation list is alphabetical by grade and does not indicate any dollar amount or giving level.

I would like to participate, but will my participation really make a difference?

Yes. Any amount that you contribute will make a difference. The most important part is that you participate. As a Ramaz parent, your participation sends the message that Ramaz is supported by a strong, unified, and committed parent body. You can make a difference and help us reach our 100% goal.

With whom do I speak if I have more questions about the participation initiative or the Annual Campaign?

You can reach out to Kenny Rochlin at or 212-774-8041.

With whom do I speak if I want to be more involved – philanthropically or otherwise – with Ramaz?

You can reach out to Kenny Rochlin at or 212-774-8041, or contact the Development Office at or 212-774-8055.
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