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    • SatOct21 PC 9th Grade Parent Social
    • SatOct21 PC Nursery Seudah Shlishit 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
    • SatOct21 PC Freshman Parent Social 8:30 PM
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    • SatDec02 PC Pre-K Havdalah Party
    • MonDec18 PC 5th Grade Chanukah Chesed Project

News From Ramaz

Posted 10/09/2017 12:17AM
Ramaz US Students headed over to Lenox Hill last week to help decorate the hospital's Sukkah and to visit five patients with warm erev Yom Tov greetings...
Posted 10/08/2017 11:26PM
In preparation for Sukkot, MS Students benefited from hands on learning. Students got to choose their own etrog and lulav, learned the characteristics of kosher arba minim, and also had the chance to decorate the Sukkah...
Posted 10/08/2017 11:05PM
Students shipped the Stars of HOPE to the UMC Trauma Hospital in Nevada, and in their letter, noted Ramaz's own Samanta Arjune, so that Samanta would be one of the recipients of their wishes. When the UPS manager noted the address, he said, "UPS will reduce your shipping costs, so that in some small way we can be a part of your kind act." מצווה גוררת מצווה!...
Posted 10/08/2017 10:51PM
After a full day at school, US students met up to get started on baking the challah for the bake sale. They rolled and braided the dough, made a sugar mix, sprayed pans, loaded up the trays, and laughed a lot too! The next morning at 7:20AM, as promised, the challot were bagged and bowed, and all were sold by homeroom...
Posted 10/08/2017 10:36PM
Last week, 6th Grade students enjoyed their Advisory period in Central Park focusing on different team building exercises including playing ball, throwing frisbee, and hanging out with their friends...
Posted 10/08/2017 10:28PM
The MS is now offering a new math drop-in clinic for all students -- please encourage your child to come by! Fifth and sixth grade clinic will take place Mondays during lunch, and seventh and eighth grade clinic will be during Friday lunch...

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